5 Great Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Has Everything

If your wife or girlfriend’s birthday is fast approaching and you have yet to find a suitable gift, it can be difficult to find something that they need, yet don’t actually possess. In order to help you find the perfect gift, here are a few out-of-the-box suggestions that you probably haven’t thought of.

  1. Make-Up Vanity Table – There are online suppliers of professional make-up artists who also sell their products to the general public, so you will only see the very best brands, and with lower than retail prices, your gift will leave her speechless. Check out the Glamour makeup vanity table that has everything she could possibly need regarding make-up storage space, plus they stock LED make-up mirrors, which are extremely popular and she probably doesn’t own one of these.
  2. Personalised Smartphone Case – Whatever brand of phone she uses, you can buy personalised cases, where her name will be added, something she will warmly appreciate. If your budget allows, you could always buy her the very latest iPhone and have the case made, then she can keep her existing device as a back up.
  3. An Experience Gift – How about arranging for her to spend a day driving Ferraris and Lamborghinis around a race track? If she’s not into speed, you could book her in for a day at a luxury spa, which would leave very woman refreshed and recharged. She might like to learn how to cook Thai food, or perhaps take a helicopter tour around Sydney, and one thing you can be sure with an experience gift; she will never forget that day. There are so many to choose from, and as you know her well, sourcing the perfect experience isn’t an issue.
  4. Gift Cards – When we are talking about a woman who has everything, the best solution is often a gift card, which allows her to choose, and many women would thank you for having the consideration to let her choose the gift. You can purchase a gift card in just about every retail outlet, and with online solutions, she can receive it in her email and shop online. This is certainly the safest avenue, as she is sure to pick something she really wants.
  5. Sterling Silver Jewellery – Have you ever heard a woman say she has too much silver jewellery? That’s because there’s no such thing as ‘too much’ when it comes to silver accessories, and the more items she has, the bigger the choice. It might be a pair of drop earrings or a sterling silver charm bracelet, and the online silver jewellery store can cater for every budget, plus they have a wider selection than a traditional jewellery store.

It is worth taking note of the possessions she does have, and, of course, you know her style and if none of the above fit the bill, search online for some gift inspiration. While it is never easy to select the right gift for your partner, seeing her face light up when you get it right is something not to be missed!

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