Whether it is a festival, a vacation, or just another weekend, people love spending time at the beach. Invariably, an excellent swimsuit is one of the must-have essentials for women heading towards the shore.

A monokini is one of the most popular swimsuit designs that have rapidly garnered attention among the latest trends, with several women investing in them.

But what is a monokini, and why is it becoming increasingly popular in recent times? Does it suit women with a particular body type, or can anyone wear it?

These are critical questions most women who haven’t yet bought a monokini have. This article will answer them effectively and cover a couple of other vital aspects of this spectacular swimwear.

About monokinis

Monokinis first flooded the global swimsuit market during the early 1960s, when an Australian designer referred to a one-piece he created as a “monokini.” The design consisted of two thin straps attached to high-waisted briefs, leaving the top more or less exposed.

However, this design has evolved since then, with monokinis becoming highly versatile and practical for all types of women. They are somewhere between a bikini and traditional swimsuits, delicately connecting the top and bottom halves of the outfit, showing more skin than an ordinary one-piece suit.

Inevitably, these have become one of the most in-demand types of swimwear nowadays, with fashion designers finding numerous ways to make the style work.

Who can wear it

The great thing about a monokini is that it suits all possible body types, making it one of the most sought-after varieties among women of all ages. Moreover, the asymmetrical shape of the swimwear creates the illusion of height while also giving the tummies a tuck and accentuating the body shape. It is comfortable, convenient, and allows women to relax while indulging in exciting beach games with utter ease.

Women can choose models with thicker straps and an underwire for better support. So, regardless of your age, body shape, and size, you can be sure to find a stunning piece for your next trip to the beach.

How to pick the right one

Now that the queries “what is a monokini” and “who can wear it” have been answered, it is time to delve into tips to find the right one for you. Take a careful look at some of the most popular monokini designs listed below and find one that suits you best.

  • Frills and ruffles

Opting for stunning ruffles and frills is an excellent choice for women conscious about their bodies. These designs are incredibly effective ways to hide problem areas while giving the body an overall slimmer look.

  • Bold necklines

A plunging neckline is a magnificent way to elevate the look of a stylish monokini, adding an instant glamor factor. Also, these outfits are great to be worn for an entire day at the beach, enabling you to enjoy the utmost comfort.

  • Bright colors and prints

Besides giving you a slimmer look, another fantastic thing about bright-colored monokinis is that they can make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Diverse cut-outs

A prudently cut design can make your hips seem fuller or slimmer, depending on the look you wish to have. It can also effectively highlight your hourglass figure, ensuring comfort at the same time.

Now that you know what a monokini is, here is an additional tip: carry enough suntan lotion, comfortable mats, and other essentials on your trip to make it an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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