Best Engagement Rings to Buy This Summer

The summer of 2020 was all about COVID-19 and the fight against it. During this pandemic, a lot of people took time for themselves and looked to sort out their priorities. People started realizing the meaning of life. So, if you’re one of those people, then there are chances you might have also sorted your future plans for love and commitment. And these wants include the person with whom you’ll like to spend the rest of your life.

Amid this uncertainty, you’d be wanting everything to be perfect. From the angle of your kneeling to the location of the proposal, you’d love to see everything to go as planned. But before that, there is an important factor to consider before the proposal and that is buying an engagement ring.

Let me tell you, buying an engagement ring will be the most exciting yet nerve-racking thing you’ll ever do in a relationship. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, chances are, you might even have started checking out rings for your soon to-be-fiancé. 

Why is Summer Any Different?

How do you think things would go if you proposed to your fiancée with a ring she just saw in a magazine last week before heading on summer vacation? She’d be jumping with joy, right? Plus, vacations can often yield the most romantic places to pop the question. 

Summer also has its trends and fashions. These trends are often formed by public popularity, or in some cases, a celebrity couple. So, if you’re looking for engagement rings, it’s best if you remain up-to-date with the ongoing fashions of the ring industry.

If you feel there are too many choices to immediately decide (especially if you don’t have time to be overly picky), here are six of the best engagement rings to buy this summer:

Natural U-Pave Setting Diamond Engagement Ring 

This classic ring piece is one of those natural diamond engagement rings. It houses a well-paved stone at its center, which then travels down to its luminous side stones. This makes its design elegant and splendid-looking. Another factor is that this ring goes hand in hand with your budget. We all like knowing we can bring summer happiness when we can vacation and get engaged in the same season.

Round 3-sided Pave Halo Engagement Ring

This Halo Diva features a 3-sided pave lined with lustrous pink diamonds on the side profile. Its pink reflection combined with the magic of the center diamond creates an everlasting effect. And will immediately catch the eyes and heart of any woman.

2-Row Pave Split Twisted Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

This is a unique ring featuring a twisted split shank design around the head of the ring. It makes the ring look bigger and more attentive. So, if you’re looking to fit a big diamond in your fiancée’s ring, then you should think about a 2-row split shank. It’s classic twist and split is sure to raise some eyebrows around the room.

Vintage 3-sided Micro Pave Eternity Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring is different from the others because of its eternity paving. Which means that its side stones go all the way down. The side shape gives it a vintage look that can make it suit on any finger. In the center, it houses an emerald cut where you can fit any emerald of your choice. This gives you a lot of options and in a style that will wow any woman. Honesty, it is an engagement ring that screams “I love you FOREVER”!

Cushion & Custom Baguettes Diamond Engagement Ring 

This type of ring creates a custom look for your fiancée where you can conveniently change the baguette design and make the ring unique to your fiancée. The band of the remains smooth below and connects to a cushion-cut centerpiece. With the coming summer, these kinds of engagement rings are becoming the go-to fashion because of its diversity and beauty. The mere fact that you can customize a ring will make getting down on one knee that more special.

Choosing a ring style can be the most difficult step in buying engagement rings. It’s important to decide whether you’re looking for a clean Cushion cut, a vintage Emerald cut, or a modern Asscher cut. Different personalities require different options and it is important the engagement ring will look tasteful on your fiancée’s finger. 

While your budget should always be an immediate deciding factor, like a vacation, rings are meant to have memories and you want the proposal to be special (especially if done on vacation). The best way to start is to do some research is by asking friends and family and browsing engagement rings in jewelry stores for pricing. Buy that ring and let the summer sun sparkle all over it!

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