Origin, Types, and Best of Rubber Strap Luxury Watches

Originally, rubber was used to make gaskets, tires, and more because of its moldable, waterproof, and flexible characteristics. Over the years, rubber was used as watch bands for its durability and uniqueness. The evolution of rubber straps from being sticky and cracked up after a few days of use to become a part of luxury watches is worth reading. The rubber strap watches are not only waterproof but also safe, comfortable, and durable.

Synthetic Rubber: The Real Game Changer

Natural rubber in trees became politically fraught and limited. Therefore, the formation of vulcanized rubber after heating natural rubber and mixing it with other compounds eventually had to stop. Chemists dedicated their research to creating synthetic rubber, which did not require any dependence on natural rubber as the main element. After years of research, a feasible alternative emerged known as fluoroelastomers. The component not only repelled oil and water but was also resistant to ultraviolet radiation and temperature fluctuations. Since then, fluoroelastomers were used in various belts, footwear, and other industries.

Rolex Rubber Strap Luxury Watches

Rolex turned its focus on creating rubber strap luxury watches for the submariners with synthetic rubber’s emerging manufacture. The watch’s strap had a checkerboard or a basket weave type of style that quickly caught submariners’ eyes. The Tropic belt by Rolex was new in fashion, unique, and waterproof. Mariners often require to dive in deep water, and the role watches are ideal for their waterproof characteristics. Many authorized dealers and Rolex sold tropic straps, a perfect alternative to heavyweight stainless steel strap watches. The waterproof tropic straps became quite popular in the 1950s. Today similar straps are made by other watch companies.

After Rolex, Hublot Introduces Rubber Strap Watches 

Tropic strap luxury watches lasted till the 1980s until Hublot took their chance to rubber strap watches and introduced their first rubber strap watch in Baselworld 1980. The transition from leather and metal straps into rubber was a new challenge that most people admired.

2015 EveroseYachtmaster by Rolex

The rubber strap luxury watches were in high demand after the introduction of the same by Hublot. Royal oak offshore models by AudemarsPiguet experimented with rubber gasketed pushers and straps. However, after years of development and design, Rolex finally came up with a unique design in 2015, EveroseYachtmaster was introduced at Baselworld. The watch is made of Rolex’s very own elastomer rubber named Oysterflex strap.

Bonetto Cinturini is an Italian manufacturer who became popular in the 1980s for becoming one of the leading manufacturers of rubber strap watches. They are popular watch manufacturers to make luxury swiss watches either an orange rubber band or a tire tread black strap.

Today, many sports watch manufacturers use rubber strap options for diving or swimming sports. The rubber strap luxury watches are prominent watch brands like Carl F. Bucherers Patravi Scubatec, Scafograf 300, and Breitling’s Superocean Heritage. People often confused rubber strap watches only had waterproof functional abilities. However, it was proved wrong with the MilleMiglia watch by Chopard which was inspired as a motorsport watch.

Types of Rubber Strap Luxury Watches

There are different styles of watch straps made of rubber.

Natural Rubber

The earlier natural rubber straps were not ideal for watch lovers. The poor quality was not only sticky but also cracked after a few days of use. Today, the fluoroelastomers nitrile rubber strap luxury watch is widely used and popular with people around the world for its efficiency and durability. It is either polyurethane or PVC rubber, silicone rubber, Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, and the performance if the watches are not dependable on the rubber strap type.

Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber was first introduced in the 1950s and was quite popular in the era. However, today, it is not widely used because of its high-quality functional abilities. Although silicone is easily malleable, it tends to stick to the skin, and attract lint and dust.

PVC Rubber

The thermostatic vinyl polymer is durable and shines better than PU rubber polymers. Many regular brands use this rubber to make casual regular wrist watches.

PU Rubber

Another elastomer that is made with a chain of organic units with urethane links is the Polyurethane rubber. Although these materials are highly qualified and durable, yet they are not popular because of comfort issues.

Isoprene and neoprene are used as petrochemical bases to form synthetic rubbers over the years. Although isoprene straps are popular and have built a reputation over the years, the material is multiple times more expensive than fluoroelastomers.

Two of the Best of Rubber Strap Luxury Watches in 2021

We have listed the two most expensive and popular luxury watches of 2021 with rubber bands.

The Breguet Marine Royale

The watch is one of the best rubber strap luxury watches ever made. It is specially designed for the ones who desire luxury watches in adventure spirit. The watch has date functions, alarm, power reserve, and auto caliber 519R movement. The thick strap of rubber has a wave pattern inside and a pyramidal square pattern outside. The auto caliber of 519R action beats 28,800 vibrations every hour and has forty-five hours of power reserve.

Banquet Droz Grande Seconde SW Acier

The pioneer of the Haute HorlogerieJewellery watch, Pierre JaquetDroz, is the watch and a mechanical genius. The continuous quest for excellence and better products is still an inspiration for the people. The Banquet Droz Grande seconde SW Acier is an excellent piece of art and a limited masterpiece. The specialty of the brand is to create custom designs of the dial. The watch contains thirty jewels and a sixty-eight-hour power reserve with 28,800 vibrations every hour.


Rubber strap watches are light in weight, have an exceptional style, and are comfortable, safe, rugged, and durable. It does not develop any skin allergies and allows the air to pass through the skin. These watches are perfect for water sport enthusiasts, motor riders, adventure seekers.

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