If you’ve decided that your teeth could use a touch-up using veneers, your first step will be to select a cosmetic dentist that’s perfect for you. You need to put a lot of work into this because cosmetic dentistry isn’t an officially recognized specialty, therefore any duly licensed dentist can take on the title of “Cosmetic Dentist”. You will not get the best results from someone who only has surface knowledge of the craft.

This can make picking the cosmetic dentist to attach your veneers a bit difficult. The suggestions below have been compiled to assist you in this task.


A great place to begin your search is within your social circle. If you know any friends or family members that have had veneers attached, you should ask them for referrals of cosmetic dentists that have performed successful procedures.

Aside from this, you could also ask your regular dentist to refer you to a trusted cosmetic dentist that is known for his great veneer works.

After this, you should investigate them yourself by checking out their websites for reviews (look out for bad reviews). You could even contact their offices to ask for more information.


Checking the credentials of the dentists you’re considering is something you cannot afford to skip. Veneers are permanent, delicate procedures that can make your perfect smile a reality. You want to make sure that the cosmetic dentist is very qualified. Here are some things you should consider when checking out credentials.

  • Hours devoted to cosmetic dentistry: You should know how many hours the dentist devotes to cosmetic dentistry. Because cosmetic dentistry is delicate work, it usually places more emphasis on the craft rather than the science. As with all art, practice makes perfect.
  • Continuation Courses: Checking out the education histories of the shortlisted cosmetic dentists will also assist you in making your decision. As most dental institutions don’t provide comprehensive courses in cosmetic dentistry, you should make sure that the dentists you’re considering studied further than that to master the procedures.
  • The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD): Members of the AACD are known for participating in cosmetically-focused education on the latest techniques, equipment, procedures, and training. Most highly qualified cosmetic dentists belong to this organization. The AACD also provides accreditation examinations for members in form of written and oral exams and documenting the different cases the dentists have worked on.


You should request pictures of their past works. Most top cosmetic dentistry professionals are very proud of their previous works and will happily show you before and after pictures of their works. They are usually easily available on their websites grouped according to the various procedures. Check out the ones for veneers.

You should keep in mind, however, that some pictures are stocked or retouched photos. You should therefore ask for referrals to past patients you can contact personally. Ask them about how their teeth looked after getting veneers and how they were treated. Real patient testimonials often serve as the most trustworthy verification of a cosmetic dentist’s talents.


It is advised that you book appointments with at least two cosmetic dentists so you can make the best possible choice. You’re doing this so you can compare costs, methods, and the general impressions you get from both of them. Some things you should look out for are:

  • The Work Hours: You should inquire about the work hours of the doctors you’re interested in. Having veneers bonded is a cosmetic procedure that takes a lot of time and often requires multiple visits. You’ll want it to be as convenient as possible so ask about their late, early, or weekend hours and choose the one you’re best suited to.
  • “Creature Comforts”: As veneers can take a while, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible when you’re getting them attached. Take note of if they’re offering music, movies, blankets, and other little comforts so that you can be more comfortable.
  • The Staff and Surroundings: You’ll want to select a place where the offices and waiting rooms are clean and pleasant. It should have the “doctor’s office” aura without any fear. You want the staff to be courteous and professional so that you don’t go there feeling uncomfortable because of the people.


You should be clear on what you want to be done to your teeth before you get there. The dentist will usually make suggestions on what you need or might be better for you, but you must have a set goal in mind that they can follow before adding any other thing. The most important thing is where and how many veneers you want on your teeth.

You should also discuss payment options that best match your budget. Many dentists offer third-party financial plans or even in-house payment. Veneers can be a little expensive so you want to make sure you can spread out the cost.

In the end, choosing the perfect cosmetic dentist for your veneers is largely a personal decision after you’ve verified and consulted the dentists that make your final list. It could depend on the personality of the dentist that makes you feel the most comfortable.

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