The Top Trends in the 80s Adopted Today

These days, everything in the fashion world seems to be for sale all the time including vintage clothing.  Each style has permeated contemporary menswear in some way. It seems like the 80s style has been in and out of fashion for many years now but some vintage pieces deserve attention including the shell suit tops. Keep reading to know some of the 1980s trends that still look great today:

Wearing Something Inspired by the 80s

In the 1980s, leisurewear first went mainstream due to the explosion of gyms and fitness videos. These days, many people pull off the 80s look by wearing something that is not directly grounded in those years.  This means looking to new brands instead of leaning on the ones that defined the traditional look. Fashion enthusiasts emphasize the trend in having a look inspired by the 80s, not from the 80s such as the famous shell suits.

Dusting Off Oversized Blazers

Following the days of menswear, athleisure, and its offshoots, people stopped their focus on suits. However, tailoring dominates the 1980s and today is the best time to dust off the two-piece. In terms of suits, there is no need to go high-end; however, it is worth investing in.  Although there is no need to go high-end, this trend is worth investing in as it looks set to have a few seasons in it. People can just think of it as a big coat that can be layered with a knit underneath.

Showcasing the Short-Sleeve Shirt

Short-sleeve shirts were used to be considered pieces for truck drivers and the tropical-print shorts for mature guys. However, big brands reinvented the tropical favorites by digging back into their roots. But, this trend can be easily worn by keeping the prints floral and subtle. When it comes to the colour, it is best to take in the less-is-more approach. This means dark bases with one or two accents and putting the neons on the side. People should wear colours they are comfortable with.

Wearing Jeans that Look Lived-In

To tap into the trends of the 1980s, people can choose acid and bleach washes. These are both tied in with the club menswear’s preference for distressed denim. People who want to stick to their standard slim- or skinny-cut should wear jeans that look lived-in.  Heavy washes or ripped jeans will associate things with post-punk, especially when matched with a tent-like blazer on top with the top-heavy silhouette a classic in the 80s.

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