5 Chic and Comfortable Maternity Wear Items for Every Expecting Mom

Are you expecting? Congratulations! We hope it’s safe to say you’re also expecting major body changes, emotional phases, and of course, a wardrobe change. Pregnancy comes with its fun and challenges. A mother-to-be goes through a lot of changes. If you envision yourself flaunting your baby bump in cute tight dresses with layers of warmth and boots, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that.

A pregnant woman is supposed to dress in comfortable, light clothes which are anything but tight. But who said pregnancy clothes have to be boring? We bring you a range of maternity wear which are not only comfortable but also trendy.

From exciting cute maternity dresses to all-time basic leggings, here are five must-haves for every mother-to-be.

Maxi Dress

Add a maxi dress or a midi dress to your pregnancy shopping list. Find a dress that makes you feel comfortable and also fabulous all nine months. A fun statement dress with stylish sleeves like capes or a floral printed dress can go a long way.

From baby showers to brunch and doctor visits, a dress becomes an absolute must-have maternity cloth.

Maternity Jeans

It will take a while till you fit in your old skinny jeans or comfortable jeans. Post the second trimester, and it is recommended to shop for soft and good-quality maternity jeans. These jeans are designed in a way to keep your body and your baby comfortable and not stuffy.

If you don’t prefer jeans, make sure you have leggings handy. They ultimately become a pregnant woman’s best friend.

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Layering Cardigan

Don’t forget about another pregnancy wear essential- a bump-friendly cardigan that drapes around your belly and keeps you warm and comfortable. Cardigans also help a lot during nursing time, so it is worth the investment.

They will protect you on the chilly days at the office or when you wish to wear something sleeveless without worrying about the weather.

Comfortable Tracks

A pair of comfortable track pants or joggers will help you a long way. From morning walks to daily exercises and, of course, as loungewear when you’re at home and can’t bother dressing.

Simply wear it with your comfortable cotton t-shirts or even tank tops. You can even go grocery shopping in jogger pants. The best part about these? They are in vogue now and are the best street-style outfit.

Soft Maternity Tops

For the more basic days at work, you’ll also need stylish and yet comfortable tops and t-shirts. Opt for cotton fabric maternity tops rather than polyester or rayon. Since cotton is a natural fiber, it is non-itchy and non-irritant for your sensitive skin. You can even layer these tops with classic blazers or cardigans to add more style.

If you’re looking to buy maternity wear online, don’t forget to check out Mystere Paris. They have a range of pregnancy wear that is extremely comfortable, stylish, and widely recommended by pregnant women.

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