5 Sheer Shirt Outfits That Are Actually Practical

If the thought of wearing a see-through shirt makes you feel intimidated, you’re not alone. We’ve all stopped to admire a really cute sheer shirt only on display only to leave it there because we had no clue on how to properly style a see-through shirt. It’s unfortunate, but we’ve all been through it.

However, when styled correctly, a see-through shirt can really elevate your outfit to a different level of sexy. It can transform anxiety in your outfit to confidence. All it takes is understanding your see-through outfits and striking an intricate balance between boudoir-inspired fashion and chic, progressive accessories.

Here are 5 creative styles you can wear a see-through shirt and look great without feeling unsure of yourself.

1. Floral Long Sleeved Sheer Top with White Slim Fit Pants

For the love of sheer and florals, a floral see-through blouse combined with slim-fit pants, either khaki or jeans, can help you pull off a very ladylike and approachable look. To make the outfit conspicuous, wear a bra of the same color as the see-through shirt underneath the sheer top.

2. Blue Boyfriend Jeans With a Black See-Through Shirt Over a Camisole

If you’re looking for a sexy look that will make you look boyish at the same time, you can go with this choice of outfit. Because of its high profile nature, it can be a very convenient look for casual events where you don’t want to wear a dress.

3. Camo-Themed Sheer Top

Camo-prints are highly admired and any fashionable person will tell you how versatile this outfit can be as street styles. Combine the sheer top with a pair of either black or blue jeans and matching converse shoes to polish the look.

4. White See-Through Shirt with a Beige Bralette And White Pants

Most plus-sized women tend to shy away from wearing that’s light and see-through because it tends to show off more skin than the normal everyday dress. However, no one should feel discouraged because of any traditional stereotypes concerning sheer tops and big-bodied women.

If you are not open to going fully sheer, you can try out see-through shirts made from lace fabric.

5. Dark Colored Patterned Semi-Sheer Blouse With Slim Fit Pants

To look even more unique and sexy, you may want to wear a black patterned semi-sheer shirt instead of a solid black one. Patterns add definition and a touch of coverage without taking away the sheer element of the outfit.

Combine the sheer top with slim-fit pants of a light color such as white or yellow for effective color contrast.

Sheer Clothing Are All the Rage Right Now

Sheer dressing has been a thing for years now especially among celebrities. Think Rihanna in a mesh gown at the 2014 CFDA Awards. Regardless, no matter how popular the see-through trend has become, pulling off a sheer look remains a daunting task.

Additionally, it still feels uneasy going out in public with an overwhelming amount of skin almost entirely exposed.Instead of starting out at the deep end, you can ease into it by incorporating a few sheer pieces into your outfit rotation.

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