For ages, people have always utilized gemstones for healing purposes and charms. A lot of research has been going on about how healing beads can affect the wearer and how they improve their health. People believe that these beads and precious stones have a magnetic effect making them therapeutic and effective in enhancing the wearer’s health. Although there is no scientific proof, beaded bracelets for men with healing powers positively impact the internal body with natural stones such as amethyst, opal, and quartz being the go-to pieces.

Most of these healing beaded bracelets from help remove negative energy, provide positivity, and act as an anchor to support the meditation process. This practice dates back to ancient Indians and Chinese medicine-men, who made beaded accessories with natural stones to wear them every day. They believe that the stones have divine healing powers due to their unique secret power. Each stone carries an extraordinary healing power such as fortune, confidence, prosperity, health, courage, power, etc. Below are some of the healing stones and their uses.


Many people who have worn a beaded bracelet out of amethyst believe it is a must-have accessory, not to mention it is considered the most well-rounded bead. It is believed to relieve headaches, body aches, and general fatigue. For many years, wearers have used it to promote better bone health, better skin, induce sleep, and sweet dreams.


The pearl is believed too have a cooling effect on emotions and the mind. Pearls also promote reproductive health and fertility in women. Pearl beaded bracelets are perfect for wearing during the summer and hot climates due to their calming effect.

The healing power of pearls benefits people with inflammatory health conditions and helps women improve their skin texture.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is from a combination of minerals and has been around since time immemorial. It is popular with Hebrews who used it in ceremonial robes since the beginning of time. It is said to have natural healing power in relieving headaches, migraines, fevers, and any pain. The healing powers of the lapis also boost the nervous system, thyroids, and the immunity system.


Quartz is a precious stone, also known as the crystal. It is known to be a lively energy absorber with the ability to regulate and balance it in the body. Many people combine quartz stones with other gems on a beaded bracelet for style and neutralize other gemstones’ effects. For instance, they are perfect for harmonizing the chakras. Quartz revitalizes and equalizes the body, mind, and spirit to improve the wearer’s psychological ability.


Labradorite gemstone is associated with higher spirit guides. It is said to enhance the best in the wearer to promote self intuitiveness and mental abilities. It mitigates negativity, depression, shame, and stress. It also heals problems such as colds, bronchitis, helps in digestion, and boosts metabolism. If you want to stimulate your mental clarity and relieve anxiety, you can wear a labradorite-beaded bracelet.


The hematite stone is known to be a good shield against electromagnetic waves from electronic devices such as computers. So, people who stare at computer screens more often can utilize haematite jewelry. Hematite also improves blood flow and circulation and is a perfect harmonizer for the chakras.

The final words

With the popularization of yoga practices where specific beads are useful to promote meditation, beaded bracelets have become trendy accessories. You can wear them either for their healing powers or to enhance your style.

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