Benefits of Women Platform Shoes Over Other Heel Styles

Why does the platform shoes have more and more followers? The reason is that it has a lot more benefits than you might initially imagine. Comfort, versatility, timelessness, health, femininity…

  1. You gain height without compromising comfort

High heels are very feminine, but not very comfortable for your feet. This is why more and more women only use them for special occasions and prefer to opt for other options on a daily basis. Among them, women’s platform shoes are the most preferred. They give height, enhance the silhouette without compromising comfort.

  1. They are very versatile

Platform soles can become the perfect shoes for shopping, going to the beach, working or even for the most glamorous parties and events. If you are looking for comfortable party shoes, esparto women’s shoes online are ideal and very modern.

Platform model trend is the perfect blend of 70s glamor and modern style. Wear them with cropped jeans or your favourite sundress for a look. Pay Focus on models that combine espadrille-like weave and durable rubber outsole.

  1. They never go out of style

Casual sneakers for women along with platform slippers are a basic must-have wardrobe that never goes out of style. The ideal is to have a pair of models that combine with everything, like suede shades.

  1. They are very feminine

The platform sandals are very feminine. They enhance the figure and force you to walk straight. They give a fantastic image of the woman and instil sensuality. They represent the best alternative to the traditional stiletto heels which cause so much pain in the feet.

  1. Considered as Healthy for your feet

If you are looking for comfortable and healthy shoes for your feet, nothing is better than casual sneakers. They prevent sweating and allow perspiration to pass through. They are a good alternative to plastic sandals, which in many cases injure the feet when the temperature rises.

When looking for novelty, look for chunky flat platforms, in ideally, those that stand between boho and sporty style due to the combination rubber soles and weaving.

Fashionable sandals this season are aimed at a feminine style, or rather cute, slightly childish image. Do not be afraid to experiment and give preference to gentle and brighter shades.

  1. There are many models

Although a majority of people associate esparto shoes with sandals, there are plenty of designs for all seasons. If you want comfortable ankle boots for women or very original sports shoes, there is nothing like the platform models. Comfortable jute boots with fringes, for example, are an excellent choice for periods of intense cold and when you want a comfortable and original shoe that will make you gain height. For a revolutionary look, silver or linen sports shoe with neon yellow is the perfect choice.

  1. A very glamorous shoe

A lot of people associate comfortable women’s shoes with non-stylish sandals. However, platform soles have been chosen by many prestigious designers to give their runway look a touch of glamor. In addition, the bloggers in vogue, the queens of street style are the ambassadors of platform heels.

Casual sneakers and platform sandals have become the best alternative to classic high heel shoes. They offer both style and comfort.

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