Best Women’s Skirts In 2020

It seems everyday someone is mentioning that you need a good something. Do you have a good pen? A good book? A good recipe for your great grandmother’s sour cream pound cake? No one is asking if anyone has a good skirt!

A good skirt is a great alternative to pants or even dresses. Admittedly, in the current time, sweatpants and leggings are all the rage. However, at some point with the holidays coming around, you’ll need to dress up for a family dinner or pictures.

At least with a skirt, you can still wear your favorite shirt whether it be a dressy blouse or a t-shirt. Skirt options seem to keep evolving like most other good things in this world. How many of these skirt options do you have in your closet?

Midi, Mini or Maxi? 

You can’t go wrong with either of these skirts, actually. It’s probably good to have several on hand. They all serve separate purposes though. Here’s some help when picking out the best skirt for you when it comes to specific occasions.

A pencil skirt or a fold over skirt are good examples of midi skirts. They usually hit below the knee and are super appropriate for the workplace. These skirts can be paired with your favorite t-shirt or blouse, tennis shoes or heels.

They’re a little less forgiving than a maxi skirt and will probably show off your curves, so if that isn’t your thing a different cut is probably best for you. These are very versatile skirts and can be worn during any season.

Mini skirts are not a new thing, however, now there are different kinds of mini skirts. Mini denim skirts, mini skater skirts and the rockabilly style just to name a few. In short, these skirts are short! Mini skirts probably shouldn’t be your first, second or third choice for the office but they’re perfect for the club and hanging out with friends or family at a backyard barbecue. The mini is really more of a summer skirt, but if you’re willing to brave the cold in one go for it!

Maxi skirts are the most forgiving between midi, mini and maxi. They are flowy, not constricting. They usually do not feature buttons, only elastic. You can get solids or prints, chiffon or lace. The possibilities are really endless!

Any maxi skirt can be paired with a t-shirt, a body suit, or nice blouse, a blue jean or leather jacket, a tank top, etc. Spring and summer are really when these skirts get their time to shine, but you can wear them in the winter as well.

They look nice with ankle or knee boots and sweaters. A maxi is also acceptable in the office and easily slips into evening or weekend wear.

Skirts, anyone? 

Now that you know the three most popular skirts for 2020, have you decided which one you want in your closet? You probably want multiple ones, and that’s great! Skirts are a quick and easy fix when you get that last minute call to hang out. Throw one on and make a last minute grocery store run.

Need a new work outfit for getting back into the swing of things? A nice pencil midi is definitely appropriate. Looking for a wild night out on the town? A mini skirt is probably your best bet. Or, are you taking a walk along the beach with the family and taking family photos? A nice, light maxi would be gorgeous.

Purchasing a women’s skirt may be one of the easiest decisions of 2020. Are you up for the challenge?

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