Color that won’t fade so fast

New hair color gives you a beautiful look. Do not allow the quarantine season to make you look shaggy and confused. Your beauty comes first. If anything, you should be sharper than before. You can have any hair color at any time. It’s a free world!

In an attempt to amplify your beauty, you need to get the best hair color. You don’t deserve something that will keep fading. Remember, you can always change the color as soon as you want. It should not rush you into changing due to the fading. Have you ever felt disappointed when your newly colored hair started fading less than a week later? We will give you more hope.

How to keep the color last longer

Madison reed home hair color is one of the best colors that you can get in the market. It gives your hair a glowing look. It is also easy to apply, and so you can do it at home.

However, you have a responsibility to make this happen. Even if you used the best color, it could still fade out very fast if you do not do it the right way. Here are a few guidelines necessary to have Madison hair color work best:

  • Proper hair preparation

Wash your hair at least 24 hours before the ideal coloring. This ensures that your hair is properly dry. Ensure that you have chosen the best color for your need. If you are not sure about the color outlook, you can try it on a few hair strands 48 hours prior. Have everything that you need before you apply the color. It would be best if you did not miss an old towel, hair clips, wide-tooth comb, and any other item particular for your case. You can as well consider putting on a cloth you won’t mind staining.

  • Avoid frequent shampooing

Once you have colored your hair, the next thought is always when you should shampoo it. I understand the feeling, but you should stay much longer before shampooing. Stay as long as you can. Shampooing the hair breaks the dye molecules. This means that your hair color will start fading. Even after the first cleaning, the subsequent cleanings should not be frequent. Every time you clean the hair, some fades away.

  • Only use the best shampoo

You can have a temporary color for two weeks without washing since it can only stand two cleanings. However, if you go for permanent color, you might have to clean it several times before recoloring. This means that you need the best shampoo. If you go for a harsh option, you can be sure that your hair color might not withstand it. You, therefore, need some gentle shampoo, which is sulfate-free.

You can also opt for a dry shampoo spray and focus on the hair roots. It absorbs excess oil from the hair so that it can remain bouncy. However, whether you have the best shampoo or otherwise, you should still minimize the hair shampooing.

  • Avoid heat exposure

I guess you are now wondering how it is possible to avoid the exposure of your hair to heat, especially if you live in a sunny place. Well, this does not concentrate on the sun alone. Hot rollers, blow dry, flat iron, and curling iron are not friends to colored hair. Avoid them.

If you follow the above guidelines, Madison reed home hair color will never disappoint you. You need a color that won’t fade fast. Look sharp even during this quarantine season.

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