How Long Is Too Long for Your Nails?

Everyone loves the look of long nails — but is the look really worth it? And at what point are your nails really too long? Well, the answer is really different for everyone! Some people love having long nails and can’t live without them. Other people despise long nails and find it impossible to function with them! However, even if you love having long nails, there does come a point that they are just too long! So here are some big signs that your nails are too long:

Your Nails Keep Breaking

Spoiler alert: if your nails keep breaking on you — then they’re probably too long. So even though it’s really tempting to try to grow out your nails because you think they will be long and beautiful, that isn’t necessarily the case. Short healthy nails that are strong are definitely more attractive than long brittle nails that keep breaking.

It’s Hard to Do Everyday Tasks With Your Nails

Another sign that your nails are too long is that it’s really difficult for you to complete everyday tasks due to your nail length. For some people, they can easily adjust to having long nails and find new methods to get things done! For others, it can be really difficult to complete simple tasks that you never even thought twice about before — like texting, opening a can of soda, or pressing a button. So no matter how good your nails look long, if you can’t use them — it’s not worth it!

You Keep Scratching Yourself (Or Others!)

Another big sign that your nails are too long is when you keep accidentally scratching yourself — or worse, others! Even with short nails, it’s easy to accidentally scratch yourself, so it really just becomes way too common when you have super long nails. A lot of the times, it really doesn’t take much for you to give yourself a nice scratch. One way to prevent this (other than trimming your nails completely) is to give them a good buff and file so that they are nice and straight without any potentially hazardous edges sticking out. However, if it begins to become too much of a nuisance — you should definitely reconsider your nail length as its probably too long.

What Is the Ideal Nail Length?

This answer will vary greatly from person to person. For people who use their hands all the time, they will definitely want shorter nails so that they can actually complete daily tasks like washing dishes, playing sports, playing instruments, etc. However, people who don’t necessarily need to use their hands and fingers all the time might want to sacrifice functionality for style and go with longer nails. No matter what your style is, the good news is that nails grow quickly and are easily cut! So if your nails are too long — just cut them! And if your nails are too short, it won’t take much time at all for them to be back at your desired length.

How to Keep Long Nails Healthy?

Length doesn’t mean anything if your nails aren’t healthy. In fact, it’s really difficult to grow long nails if you don’t take care of your hands and nails. You should always protect your hands and nails from harsh chemicals while cleaning or prolonged water exposure while washing the dishes. Furthermore, you should frequently moisturize your hands with lotion and your nails with a cuticle oil so that they maintain a healthy glow.

We get it — long fall nails are definitely the trend right now. However, you can still “nail” the fall trends with short but elegant manicures and press-on nails.

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