How to dress well and be always elegant?

With the onset of the warm season, women are actively updating their wardrobe, acquiring actual and stylish things. One of the trends of this season is women’s T-shirts-tops.

These cheap trendy women’s clothing are offered in different styles and colors. How not to make a mistake with the choice here? What do you need to consider in order to get harmonious images?

Choosing the clothes that fit us best

They are the ones that you naturally feel about yourself and that you want to show in public. For example, the stilettos can scare many women who prefer to wear low sneakers instead.

Try to enhance your look with the right colors

Behind the perfect look of some celebrities is the use of perfect colors that balance with those of the skin and hair. Try to find them by asking friends for feedback on which colors look best on you.

Follow the dress code if required

At work, try to wear appropriate clothes that will often have to differ from those you use at an informal evening with friends

Choose, if you can, well-made and natural fabrics

Often spending a little more for quality casual dresses for women will give you a better look

Look and adapt the combinations

On Holapick, you will find many outfits that you can dress and adapt. Create the profile, find the looks that fit your size and style and shop the pieces to complete the perfect wardrobe.

Owing the various body shapes, and therefore recognizing your own, is essential to know how to dress well with casual dresses for women.

You can’t really think of knowing how to dress stylishly and well if we have not first learned to know our body thoroughly, and thanks to this we will be able to enhance it by highlighting its qualities.

The tops to favor when you’re short:

Which tops to choose to appear taller and slender? As a general rule, to give the illusion of being taller, you should bet on short clothes and respect a harmony of colors between your top and your bottom.

Depending on your body type, choose body-hugging or straight tops. The V-necks and vertical stripes will lengthen your figure. Opt for sets in shades of color to grow taller. Indeed, too much contrast between the top and the bottom tends to split the silhouette and compact it.

If you are thin, it is better to tuck your top into your skirt or your pants to slim your figure. You can also use a very short top (called a crop top) with a high waist skirt or pants if your waist is well marked.

If you are round, favor monochrome clothes (for the top and bottom) which refine as well as fluid fabrics which hug the body while masking the curves. Finding cheap trendy women’s clothing that slim down will make you feel taller.

Tops to avoid when you’re little:

Avoid tops that are too flared or too long, which enlarge and lower the figure. The same is true for clothing overlays and oversized prints.

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