Personalised Jewellery is the ideal gift for Mother’s and Father’s day

Jewellery is worn as a fashion accessory and is often given as a gift to strengthen a relationship. The jewellery can be expensive if it is made from precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. Thieves often prefer to steal jewellery, since it is expensive and light in weight. One of the ways to prevent theft of jewellery is by gifting personalised jewellery which has the name of the recipient, giver or both. The recipient will also appreciate the customised jewellery with his or her name, since it is a unique jewellery piece which has has specially made for them and has his or her name engraved.

Customising Your Name jewellery

The first step in choosing the name jewellery is finalising the type of jewelry which will be gifted. You can choose from a wide variety of jewellery like necklaces, pendants, charms, earrings, bracelets and rings. In some cases like pendants, charms and earrings, the jewellery will be in the name of the person or you can use the initials. Usually the number of characters in the name jewellery will be specified. For other types of jewellery, especially for rings, the name and message will be inscribed inside the ring depending on the design of the jewellery.

Birthstone Jewellery

Gemstone jewellery can be such a unique and specialised gift, because of the special meaning it can have to the person. To personalise the jewellery, you can then choose the relevant birthstone(s) for the jewellery. The different birthstones available are clear crystal, peridot, blue topaz, amethyst, garnet, ruby, aquamarine, emerald, yellow topaz, quartz, light amethyst and sapphire, each corresponding to a particular month of the year. Take note that the type of jewellery, stainless steel, tungsten jewellery is usually inexpensive, silver jewellery is affordable while gold jewellery is most expensive.

Men’s Jewellery

Check out special collections of personalised jewellery for father’s day that are available. Since men usually wear rings, the collections contain a wide range of rings in different designs and materials like tungsten, titanium steel, rose gold, gold, silver. The stainless steel rings are available in different etched, cast and other patterns. Personalised rings in gold, rose gold, silver are also available. These rings are inscribed on both the inner and outer sides. Other popular gift items for fathers are pendants and bracelets. These items are also available in silver, gold with bracelets having the initials of the father.

Women’s Jewellery

You can choose from a wider range of jewellery while giving a mother’s day gift, since they can also choose from the different earring designs which are available. The rings and other gift jewellery can be personalised with a message for the mother, names of all the children and their birthstones. Similarly the charms can also have the name of all children inscribed. You can’t get a more unique gift than that! One of the more popular gift jewellery items is the family tree jewellery which has details of the family tree engraved and can be worn as a pendant. This jewellery is available in silver, gold plated silver.

So based on your gift budget and preferences of the recipient, you can choose the perfect personalised jewellery gift for your family member. It will be a treasure and there will be no other gift like it.

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