The History of Aviator Watch

Aviator watches stand out as some of the coolest choices in wristwatches. They are also some of the most functional for a number of reasons. Furthermore, these watches are steeped in history. Here’s what you need to know about how aviator watches developed and why they’re still so popular today. 

What are Aviator Watches?

Aviator watches are defined by the large face with very easy to read lettering. They often have a larger than average wheel on the edge, making it easy to turn them even without looking. Aviator watches are always easy to read in any light, but they should not cast so much light as to ruin your night vision. 

History of Aviator Watches

Aviator watches started out as essential tools in every pilot’s cockpit. They were popularized between the world wars, although they were used in the first world war as well. These watches were some of the first worn by men. Previously, most men carried pocket watches, and wristwatches were considered a feminine accessory. However, the need for pilots to see the time without fumbling for a pocket watch changed this perception. 

One of the first watches that became popular was a square model with clear Roman numerals in black on a white face. The distinct bold square face and large side clearly defined this watch from women’s watches. This watch made it easy for pilots to see the time, but the Roman numerals became less popular as they became less commonly used. 

The square shape was abandoned as well, as watches became standard for military pilots. Once the military standard was round, the civilian style followed suit. Another interesting feature of early Aviator watches was the ability to easily detach the watch from the strap so that pilots could set it in the cockpit where they could see it more conveniently. This also allowed the watch to serve as a pocket watch when pilots didn’t want to wear it on their wrist. 

As watches progressed, variations developed for different kinds of pilot purposes. Military watches often had large leather straps that also went around the face, protecting the wrist from the edge of the watch when they were working. Stylish individual pilots may be more likely to choose models with clean stainless steel lines, including a stylish steel band. 

Luminous dials for nighttime use and clear, easy to read numbering have remained the standard and defining features for Aviator watches. However, modern watches often have even more to offer. 

What to Look for in an Aviator Watch

The best aviation watches are made to extremely high-quality standards. They should also pay homage to the original watches popularized during the World Wars. Here are a few specific things to look for:

Classic Look

The aviator watch you choose ought to have bold, easy to read lettering. White on a black face or black on a white face are standard choices that also look great with everything. The general choice for the strap is leather, but a sturdy cloth strap can also be a good choice. If your watch has chronograph features, they should be displayed in their own displays, which is easier to keep track of than a hand. 

Chronograph Features

An Aviator watch doesn’t have to have chronograph features, but they do come in very handy for pilots and for most people who will want one of these watches. The separate displays also give a more complex and attractive look to the face. If you want to use your watch for stopwatch features, a chronograph watch is essential. 

Water Resistance

The best aviator watches can stand up to water and other rough environmental conditions without getting damaged. If you’re investing in a high-quality aviator watch, don’t compromise on water resistance. 

Easy Dials

Your Aviator Watch dials should be bigger than the average watch and easy to grip, even if you’re wearing gloves. For early aviators, such dials would have been essential, and they’re still a standard for aviator watches today. If you have any arthritis in your fingers or hate trying to grip tiny dials, these larger controls will be very desirable for you. 

Easy Release Strap

Earl aviator watches could easily be removed from their strap, and you want your aviator watch to also have this historic feature. Even if you don’t want to remove the strap to set your watch in the cockpit, you’ll appreciate easy-to-change watch bands so you can adjust your watch for different settings. 

Choose a Superb Aviator Watch

The best aviator automatic watch will stay with you for years and offer excellent service. You’ll love the easy-to-read and easy-to-use aspects of these watches and appreciate the compliments you get on its classic good looks through the years. With stopwatch and time-telling features, this watch can offer you a lot of tools in a good-looking package. 

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