The Ultimate Bra Guide for Beginners

  During puberty, your breasts tend to grow in size and require support so that they develop well. A good-fitted bra will provide the utmost support to your breasts and help them grow nicely. Usually, your first bra fitting can be awkward and you may end up buying the wrong size whether you are buying from an offline store or are buying ladies bodycare bras online.

In fact, a lot of women do not wear the correct bra size and as a result, their chest looks flatter or droopy. There are several things to know before buying the first bodycare bra that fits you well, which are mentioned below.

When Should I Buy A Bra?

The first step is to know when you should buy a bra. It is not necessary that your breasts increase in size as soon as your hit puberty.

  • If you feel that your chest is wobbling when you are walking or running, you should consider buying a bodycare bra.
  • Another factor would be if your nipples show through your top, then you must get yourself a padded bra.

What Is My Size?

This is the most difficult part. Many women do not know how to measure their size correctly. However, it is easy. Take off your t-shirt and inner, keep a copy and pen near you, and write the following measurements.

  • Under-bust – This is the area where the band of the bra will fit. Relax, exhale, and then using an inch tape, measure your under-bust area. You can ask your mother or elder sister for some help.
  • Chest – Next, measure your chest size using the inch tape. Here, you have to measure the highest part of your bust. Make sure the inch tape is straight.
  • Now, deduct the measurement of the under-bust area from your chest measurement. The number will represent your cup size.
  • If the difference is less, you can go for a B cup and as it increases, your cup size will increase.
  • Your under-bust measurement would be your band size.

Which Type Of Bra Should I Wear?

  • Beginner’s Bra – The best type of bra to wear in your initial months is a beginner’s bodycare bra. This kind of bra has a pullover style and does not have wire, hooks, underwire, or padding. So, it is extremely comfortable when your breasts are still developing.
  • Sports Bra – Whenever you are going to exercise, jog, or run, you should wear a sports bra. A sports bra has wider straps and thicker fabric, so, it provides better support while still offering comfort. You may buy a padded sports bra for more support if you play sports regularly.
  • Bra – You should start wearing a bra when your breasts develop a bit more and a beginner’s bra is unable to hide your nipples. A bra provides better shape to the breasts. You can switch to a bra directly as well. It is your personal choice whether you want to wear a beginner’s bra or not.

Summing Up

There are some tips to keep in mind while buying a bodycare bra. The bra should not be too tight or too loose from the straps and band. Even the cups should fit snugly without any folds or seams. With these factors as well as the ones mentioned above, you can buy the right bra for yourself.

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