Think Outside the Box! Think perfection! Think Celestial Opulence

Let’s begin this conversation with a few important proclamations. Proclamations about what women desire and how you should be approaching them.

Proclamation 1: The way to her heart is through grand gestures

Proclamation 2: You NEED to remember THE IMPORTANT DATES

Proclamation 3: Try to make it look like a Surprise (even if she knows it secretly)

Proclamation 4: Just THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX (you have no other option here)

The reason why we are barging you with such information is because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you don’t come up with something unique for your lady love, count yourself on a losing end already.

And mind you! A well-researched gift doesn’t come with a guarantee of success. The gift, party or whatsoever arrangement you are making should make her eyes glitter and make her smile from eye to eye.

Wanna play it safe? Just give her something that’s valuable and bewitchingly enchanting at the same time—perhaps maybe a classic wristwatch.

We know the very first thing popped in your head after reading this is—too cliché! But don’t you think women are actually suckers for clichés. Why would they otherwise barge in to see romantic comedies again and again?

And playing it safe isn’t that bad if you do it intelligently.

When you are searching for ladies watches online, it is important to keep up with changing times.  With the advent of new technology, watch manufacturers have been swift to integrate design and technology seamlessly and Celestial Opulence oozes that charm in every possible way (here you go! Sorted for the gift!)

For a woman, the process of selectively browsing through a plethora of designer watches to select one, to own it and wear it around your wrist, is an experience in itself. But the process becomes even more charming when a loved one gifts something to her. This is an unmatched joy as compared to owing any other fancy time teller.  That’s why a wrist watch is a companion, confidant and always leaves one with a tale to tell.

So, what makes Celestial Opulence watches a loved choice for women? Well, the brand itself channels joyful vibes which means it is powered by the rhythm of life (in their very own words.) Inspired by the allure of night sky with their trademark zodiac glow-in-the-night patterns etched on its dial; this one is surely a unique watch.

And mind you! The glow-in-the-night feature does not make it like just another Kiddish-watch by any regard. Just gaze through its opulent overall look which quite metaphorically can take you to the stars. No matter how many watches in India you scramble your eyes through; its glaring features are good enough to make you come back again and again.

Fitted with textured straps in feminine shades of navy blue, cream, and grey these watches are finished in a rose-gold tone. The easy-to release system yet again makes it a perfect fit for what women actually look for these days—fashion without compromise on comfort!

What’s more exquisite? Its 40-hour power reserve that ticks in its dial with almost 21 jewels etched on it. But what’s more surreal is the night-sky feature imbibed in its dial which maybe for a split second would take your lady-love to those misty-milky night sky that she might love to see on the valentine day.

That’s what this watch truly stands for! Echoing beauty in the most minimalistic way!

So, make a grand gesture this valentine’s day with this fairy-tale-like beauty. Starting at INR 5,995, the collection is available at all authorized TIMEX retail stores including modern retail stores such as Lifestyle and Shopper’s Stop. If you are planning to buy these watches online, they can be purchased from

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