Tips for Buying the Perfect Cowboy Boot

Do you love the look of cowboy boots? Are you looking into buying a pair of your own?

Cowboy boots have been worn by ranch hands since the 1800s, when they were needed for the heavy, outdoor work these workers. did. They have now made their way into popular use and become a fashion staple for many people in the American southwest.

If you love the look of these boots, you probably want to own a pair. But most of them cost a lot of money, so how do you buy the perfect cowboy boot?

We’ll go into all of that below.

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Know the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Cowboy Boot Options

Did you know that cowboy boots look different for men and women?

Most mens cowboy boots feature more rustic and rugged designs. They may have distressed leather and a wider toe and often come in colors ranging from black to brown.

Womens cowboy boots often have a slimmer toe, a higher heel, and more elegant designs. Of course, you can buy any pair of boots you want, regardless of your gender, but knowing the differences in design might help you narrow your search.

Decide Between Fashion and Function

Do you need your cowboy boot pair to serve a particular function?

Just as in the 1800s, ranch hands used the boots for work, modern-day cowboys and cowgirls often wear them to protect their feet from heavy labor and the outdoors. If you’re in a similar line of work, you may want to consider purchasing cowboy boots for function.

In this case, you’ll want more sturdy boots that keep your feet protected. You can also choose from a variety of styles, but you might want to select a pair you won’t mind getting a bit dirty, either.

In addition, you’ll need to find the most comfortable option so you don’t mind wearing them all day.

When you’re wearing them for fashion, you need boots that fit your style. Consider the rest of your wardrobe. Do you mostly wear dresses? Take a look at boots embroidered with flowers or other designs. If you need some to wear with pants, pair dark washes with lighter boots and vice versa.

Choose a Leather

Do you a specific cowboy boot design in mind?

If you do, chances are you’re already picturing a type of leather, whether you know it or not. Cowboy boots come in many different kinds of leathers. These range from goat leather to snakeskin. Before you buy your boots, know which type of leather you’d like.

Don’t want to buy boots made with animal products? Try faux leather boots or even men’s suede boots.

Want More Fashion Advice?

Do you want to find the perfect cowboy boot?

Many people purchase cowboy boots for a variety of reasons. Knowing whether or you want your shoes for fashion or function, choosing a leather, and recognizing the difference in men’s and women’s design gives you the ability to find boots that work for you.

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