Types of Dresses and Where You Can Wear Them 

Dresses make a nice addition to any woman’s closet. They’re quite easy to style and they work for various occasions. If you’re a fashion-savvy, you probably know all the basic types of dresses. On top of that, mixing and matching them with your available accessories, footwear, and bags won’t be that much of a challenge. 

However, if you have no innate fashion sense, picking the perfect dress and styling it for a special event would be a foreign territory for you. To help you figure things out, check out the types of dresses and the personal styling guide below.  

Modest dress for the conservative you

Today, it’s so easy to find dresses that are fashionable but also work great for formal events such as the regular Sunday service or going to casual meetings with your friends. Boutique websites like these that offer modest dresses are made from the fine materials that feel very comfortable on the skin. These also tend to have a loose bodice, perfect for those who are very conscious about revealing their body’s silhouette.

That sexy black dress

Black dresses are also a must-have for women especially those who love attending parties and other formal gatherings. Black items are innately sexy. They can bring out a different charm to you when you wear them with the right accessories and a lovely pair of shoes. The choice of bags, shoes, and accessories should be based on the cut and length of your black dress.

For example, if you have one with an off-shoulder top and short hemline, then you might want to consider pumps or kitten heels. Then you can style the outfit further with a bedazzled clutch. 

A charming red dress that will turn heads

A red dress is often a stunning piece that never fails to attract the attention of both men and women. These look very beautiful on all kinds of skin color. To know which shade of red will look best on your skin, check the color of your veins. If you have greenish veins then it means you have a warm tone. In this case, you should opt for shades like copper or cinnamon red.

Got purplish or bluish veins? This means you have a cool skin tone. You should wear dresses in the shade of cherry, burgundy, or brick red. If you can’t tell the color of your vein then it means you have a neutral tone. You can wear any shade you want. You would absolutely look gorgeous.

Floral printed dress for the boho-chic gal

Floral prints have been around for quite some time. Currently, they have successfully resurfaced as celebrities and micro-influencers have started donning floral dresses complete with flower crowns, braided hair, and strapped footwear.

This type of dress looks and feels quite laid back. They work quite perfectly for those summer travels and IG shoots.

A regal white dress for a stunning lady

White dresses are among the top choices of women who need to attend formal or semi-formal events. Regardless of the length or design, a white dress can surely stun the crowd. You can wear your white dress with a gold choker, a black leather baguette bag and a pair of open toes or cone heels.

An evening gown for special celebrations

You will never know when you get invited to a special occasion such as a gala night and wedding celebrations. When such opportunities come, you better be prepared to glam up. A long evening gown would come extra handy during these events. Make sure to pair them with glamorous footwear such as stilettos, scarpin heels, and platform shoes.

You should also work on your hairstyle and makeup. Look for a style that best matches the dress and integrate it into your look. If you can’t fix your own hair and makeup, try calling in a proto lend you a hand.

Dresses are quite useful for many women. You can wear them to various types of gatherings, and style them without having a hard time. Are you ready to find the right dresses for you? Which ones do you already have?



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