Understanding The Different Types of Women’s Watches Available Online

A watch is not just an accessory, it’s a product that also reflects your personality and elevates your style quotient. Therefore, buying a watch should never be a hasty or rash decision. With the advancement of technology, ladies watches have evolved considerably over the years, and are not just the means of keeping a track of time anymore. Wrist watches for women now offer a host of additional functionalities and features that were unimaginable a few decades ago.

There are several types of ladies watches available online, each distinct in its style, functionality and price range. Therefore, we bring you a simple guide to understand the different types of watches for women online, to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Analog watches are probably the oldest and simplest type of watches available for women. They come with the regular hour, minute and second hands, and convey a sense of nostalgia for the past, as well as humility and simplicity. These watches usually have leather straps, pair well with women’s ethnic wear, and are suitable for formal settings.

Chronograph watches narrate a contrasting story about your personality. Chronograph watches for women are not only more aesthetic, but also provide advanced functionalities like date, day, and stopwatch. These wrist watches for women were also used by NASA scientists and deep sea divers for their stopwatch functionality in the past. These watches can be paired with a formal shirt and just as easily with an ethic dress, and are usually more expensive than analog watches.

Digital watches come with a digital display and also provide functionalities like stopwatch, calendar, timer, calculator, and alarm, but are less elegant compared to analog and chronograph watches for women. These watches are suitable for women who are practical, and like to be on time by the second. These can be easily paired with jeans and casual shirts.

Sports watches for women are the perfect types of watches for women who seek adventure or love sports and need watches that are durable and tough. Sports watches are usually scratch and shock resistant and are therefore a great companion for daily workouts or adventure trips.

Smartwatches were designed for the multi-tasking girls and women who want their watches to do more than just tick away the time. Smartwatches offer unbeatable features and functionalities, that enable you to perform a host of actions through your smartwatch, from tracking health to reading emails and checking social media notifications. These watches are also the most expensive compared to the other types of watches.

Automatic watches are beautifully crafted, and since they work with the energy generated during wrist movements while wearing the watch, they last forever and can even be handed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms. Besides, they also save you the hassle and cost of changing batteries every few months.

All these types of watches serve different purposes, are suitable for distinct occasions and portray different stories about your style, taste, and personality – choose the type that best defines you and matches with your personality.

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