What to Watch Out For When Buying Virgin Hair

Virgin hair bundles from companies like the Harlem Hair Company are all the rage, considering their strength, lifespan, and all-natural look. It blends in seamlessly with hair for it to look natural and full-bodied without it looking too perfect to the point it seems fake.

With the many different types of virgin hair and stores out there selling them, it may have you feel confused over which one to get. Read on as I show you a helpful guide on investing in virgin hair bundles.

  1. About 100% virgin hair

For those who aren’t familiar with virgin hair, this is 100% human hair that hasn’t gone through any processes or chemical treatment, coming from either one donor or multi-donors. Remy hair is another term that’s used often, meaning that the hair cuticles go in the same direction.

It is best to get Remy, virgin hair for hair to look and perform uniformly during the styling process. The bundle weight varies, depending on the vendor.

Single drawn hair bundles would have at least half of the strands at full length while the rest will vary. This is industry standard, with double-drawn hair costing a bit more but having 100% of the strands complete. That said, a good bundle weight should weigh around 4 ounces.

  1. The type of hair

The best way to talk about which hair works best is by talking with your hairstylist. Here are the different types of virgin hair to acquaint you with the terms and differences:

  • Indian and Brazilian hair has a close texture to African American hair
  • Peruvian hair is a bit thick but smoother and shinier
  • Malaysian hair has the smoothest and silkiest texture among the other virgin hair types
  1. What length to get

This is another question to ask your hairstylist. The decision will depend on what hairstyle you’d like to have. When wanting curly hair, the true hair length will be measured when your hair is pulled from the curls. Straight and body wave hair would usually have the same measurements.

  1. Your curl pattern

Human hair extensions would come in three different types of curls, which are curly, allure, and naturally curly. What you choose will depend on your current hair type and the style you want, so make sure that you speak with your hairstylist to get the best curl patterns based on what they can do for your hair.

  1. The return and exchange policies

Just like investing in any product or service, you’ll want to make sure that the company is reputable and with a good return and exchange policy. Your chosen company needs to back its product up for great customer service. Furthermore, this will ensure that any problems with your virgin hair will be taken care of without hassle or waste of money on your end.

Wrapping It Up

Keep all these tips and factors to consider in mind as you choose high-quality virgin hair to feel even more confident and beautiful!

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