What’s the Deal With Skin Smoothing?

You touch your skin, running your finger across its surface and you think that it’s smooth. It sure feels like that, there’s not too many bumps and edges, maybe an occasional wrinkle, but it’s not a big deal. It’s easy to think this way and dismiss whatever problems you have with your skin, but regardless an uneven surface can still be a big problem for your skin.

Your skin smoothness, however, goes beyond it looking smooth and straight. Skin is also a matter of having healthy and strong skin, ready to take on anything that life throws its way. But taking care of it and making sure that it’s in the best shape it can possibly be isn’t that easy for everyone. This depends on your living conditions, how you spend your day, what habits you have and plain old genetics. But regardless of what conditions your skin is in right now, with Fraxel Laser skin smoothing procedure, you can straighten out the surface in a safe, yet super effective manner.

The Magic Behind the Treatment

Fraxel is by no means magical, but it does utilize lasers, which pretty much as close as we can get to actual sorcery.

The Fraxel laser resurfacing treatment has been around since the mid-2000s, when it was first used by a few select doctors who wanted to smooth out their patients’ skin, without having to apply any kind of damage to it, injections or otherwise. The laser was developed to work at a specific wavelength, which wouldn’t cause severe injuries, but instead would cause tiny amounts of damage to the skin, which would be enough to bolster collagen formation.

Collagen is a type of protein found in your body and it’s used to freshen up the skin cells on the surface, pushing out the old ones, which may have been damaged through acne scars, wrinkles or even suffered from hyperpigmentation from the sun. Thanks to this collagen formation, all these damaged cells are replaced with new, fresh ones, that create a completely smooth surface on top of the skin.

So, if your skin has suffered from all these previously mentioned forms of damage, consider getting non-ablative laser resurfacing to smooth things up.

Why Smooth Skin Means Healthy Skin

If you look really closely at the surface of your skin, you’ll see that it’s not a completely smooth plane. It’s got edges and ridges, all those pores and microscopic holes. This is all very natural. Even the best skin smoothing treatments will not be able to make your skin completely straight and that’s how it should be.

But then there are wrinkles and all kinds of trenches, which may simply come naturally with age, but they’re not something you want to have on your skin’s surface. Uneven skin means the layers aren’t all that even, meaning some parts of your skin may actually be in more danger than others. Uneven skin also leaves more room for oils, dirt and grime to settle inside of them, creating more opportunities for infections and skin related medical problems.

But by having smooth skin, where all the layers are approximately even, with few to no trenches or wrinkles, means that your skin is much healthier, not to mention stronger. Getting rid of those old weaker skin cells, means your body will be able to deflect more dirty particles that come its way, keeping it safe from any potential illnesses.

Sure, there are the visual and aesthetics benefits of the treatment, like having the skin look visibly smooth, with a more consistent hue and pigmentation. But all these factors also have their own medical benefits and can actually help you stay healthy in the long run. So, don’t just look at Fraxel as a purely cosmetic treatment; it does actually provide some medical benefits and can be a great way to regenerate parts of your skin that may have been damaged, whether due to sun exposure or acne scarring.

Where to Find Fraxel

We’re very lucky nowadays, since we have a lot of access to clinics that perform Fraxel. You may already be aware of the clinics in your local area that perform the treatment, but the obvious question on your mind is the price. It’s hard to agree to something that costs a little more than you can handle. Clinics understand this, which is why to make Fraxel a more convenient investment, as well as more cost-effective, you can find a lot of great treatment plans which are priced very reasonably.

Believe it or not, but modern cosmetic treatments are priced far more sensibly than they were a few years ago. Back in the day, most of these treatments were considered to be a privilege only people with unlimited budget could afford. But nowadays, you can find a lot of professional clinics which offer Fraxel at great prices.

If you live in NYC, one of the best clinics you can try out for Fraxel is Skinly Aesthetics. Because Fraxel cost in New York  is highly variable and tends to be very expensive, the clinic is a good option for clients on a  limited budget.

And even if you don’t live in NYC or any major metropolitan area for that matter, you can still find a good clinic if you do a little research. Obviously, you have better chances of finding one in a big city, but your local area could have a quality clinic of its own that has some fantastic deals on Fraxel. It’s up to you to look around and see for yourself how Fraxel can make your skin look fresh and feel velvet smooth.

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