2021 Fashion Trends to Follow

Fashion trends are never static but continue to evolve. And this is what makes the fashion industry so exciting. 2020 witnessed many new fashion trends and 2021 promises to be much bigger and better. Many trends are a continuation of the previous year while some will be unique to 2021. Whether you prefer formal shirts, or collar t-shirts full sleeves, here are a few fashion trends that will help you look suave and sophisticated all through 2021.

Square neck tops 

Square neck tops have been quite the rage for some time and the trend will continue in 2021. Square neck tops look chic and provide a feminine touch to the person wearing them. These tops are versatile and look good with every type of garment, whether it is simple denim jeans or sophisticated trousers. A pair of matching sunglasses or a fancy scarf will add more grace to the wearer.

Tank tops 

Tank tops will continue to be a big hit in 2021. They are not only extremely stylish but are also extremely comfortable, making them a perfect garment to wear during the hot summers. Tank tops can be worn to work or on a casual outing. You can wear a tank top with denim jeans, shorts, pencil skirts, and other garments. It can be worn underneath a blazer, jacket, or button-up shirt.


Bandanas are a fashionable accessory and add grace to the personality of the person wearing the garment. You can make heads turn by matching a colourful bandana with your attire, whether it is jeans, trousers, skirts, or any other dress. Opt for bright colours like red, orange, green, yellow and others. These colours will lift your spirits and add vibrancy to the surroundings. Bandanas are a versatile accessory and can be worn in a variety of ways including a scarf or necktie. Sorev up your wardrobe in 2021 by adding to it a couple of colorful and stylish bandanas.

Denim jeans

Whether it is guys or girls, those classic rugged denim jeans will always be in vogue. Apart from the comfort that they have to offer, denim jeans can be worn to the vacation, informal party, night out with friends, or other similar occasions. You can also wear denim jeans to your workplace, especially if the office has a casual setup. Denim jeans will go well with any type of garment be it jackets, blazers, shirts, t-shirts, and formal or casual shoes. Denim will also look good with long t-shirts for girls. 

2021 has much to offer to fashionistas and there are umpteen trends to explore. You can check out the latest fashion trends by scanning popular online sites like Dash & Dot for both men’s and women’s wear. But remember to pick the ones that suit you and make you stand out from the crowd.

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