5 Treatments for Your Next Summer Body

Summer is never too far away. Even if it’s a heavy blizzard outside, right in the middle of February, you still need to remember that summer is only 3 months from now. And in case you haven’t noticed: time really likes to fly by. If there’s anything that procrastinating through college ever taught you, is that starting something as early as possible is always going to reward you in the future.

So, why not start working on your summer body now? The earlier you do it, the more time you’ll have to do, well, pretty much anything else. No need for intensive gym programs, grueling diets, waking up early in the morning to go for jogs under the rain. With great treatments like Cooltone, Kybella and Sculptra NYC, clinics like Manhattan’s MiracleFace MedSpa, have spent years helping many New Yorkers get their summer body ready in time for their next trip to the beach.

And among the 5 we list today, we hope that at least one could be useful to you and your goal of having the summer body ready for June.

  • Kybella

Starting things off with Kybella, let’s look into a treatment for something a little more specific and specialized. While the compound that’s used in Kybella is certainly capable of dissolving through excess fat in any part of the body, it’s primarily used for getting rid of the double chin.

You might not think much of it, but the double chin can be a real nuisance. It hardly ever causes any physical discomfort, but it really has a talent for ruining photos. So many great profiles are lost to a little extra bit of skin hanging right under the jaw. And all those great pictures that go to waste because of it.

Imagine having a perfectly toned, sculpted and chiseled body, only for a tiny double chin to ruin the entire appearance. Kybella won’t allow this to happen. The specialized injection burns through the extra bit of fat bit by bit, until that area is left completely smooth.

  • Coolsculpting

Ever wanted to burn fat with the power of the cold? Does that sound confusing? It is for most people when they hear about Coolsculpting for the first time. As it turns out, the fat cells in your body have an innate weakness to freezing temperatures.

Expose them to the cold long enough and they go into apoptosis, or what is essentially cell suicide. These cells then get absorbed by the body one at a time over the span of several months, until that area of the body is sculpted. The entire treatment requires no injections or cuts.

  • Cooltone

While Coolsculpting works with your body fat, there’s Cooltone, which focuses more on the muscles. Hitting the gym several times a week and keeping a steady diet are definitely the most natural and healthiest ways of keeping your body fit, but what about keeping it toned?

Being fit and having a toned body are two very different things. You can be healthy, strong and very fit, but your muscles may not be as pronounced and visible. This depends on your body; you can’t expect everyone to have perfectly chiseled muscles.

But if you wish to put a little more emphasis on your form and tone the muscles to be more visible, there’s Cooltone. Now first you need to consider the fact that Cooltone is not a replacement for your normal exercise routine. It’s not going to make you stronger and it doesn’t train the muscles. It tones them instead, making them more visible and attractive.

So, if you’re looking to get a perfectly sculpted six pack, but without having to go through long months of exercise programs, Cooltone’s your answer. This non-invasive treatment will get you those aesthetically pleasing muscles you’ve always wanted to see, a perfect addition to your summer body.

  • Sculptra

Not everyone is born with natural curves. But because they’re so stylish and trendy nowadays, many people want to have them. And what better time to show off your curvy body than on a hot day at the beach?

Unfortunately, some people find it very hard to obtain curves because of their naturally slimmer build. This doesn’t mean they should lose hope on their curvy bodies, however, because cosmetic centers have the answer in the form of Sculptra. For a quick, easy and safe curvy body, practitioners recommend Sculptra NYC patients’ favorite way to get a more emphasized posterior.

With only a few injections, you’ll see a major improvement in your body’s curvature and a voluminous posterior that looks much bigger, but still very much natural. Butts aren’t just big round spheres; they have distinct shapes that make them look attractive. With the Sculptra injection, the posterior is enlarged and enhanced, but without putting its natural form and shape on the line.

There’s no need to worry about an artificial-looking behind. That doesn’t happen with Sculptra.

  • Brazilian Butt Lift

Here we have another treatment that has been creating beautiful curves for thousands of patients. But don’t confuse it with Sculptra, as the BBL involves a drastically different procedure. Where the Sculptra is the injection of a special filler compound designed to accentuate the contours of your body, BBL doesn’t use any artificial compounds. It uses fat.

More specifically, the excess fat from other parts of your body. This is where things get really interesting with BBL. In essence, it’s a treatment that takes care of two problems: lack of curves and extra fat in unwanted places.

The fat is extracted from various parts of the body, such as hips, thighs and waist. It’s then injected into the posterior, where it lifts and fills the butt, giving it extra volume. The advantage here is that since it’s your own fat being injected, your body’s not going to have any allergic reaction. And as I mentioned before, you’re taking care of two problems with one treatment.

This makes the BBL a favorite among patients who are getting themselves ready for the summer.

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