What Causes Smelly Hair in Women and Men?

For nearly 30 years Alleigh Carlton has her own salon and has been performing many different hair procedures as well as the typical cuts and styles. However, during this time her experience in dealing many different hair and scalp issues has made her an industry expert and often sought after by many of the women and men that can’t get good answers from their traditional channels like doctors and dermatologists.

“ If this is your 1st time having to deal with hair or scalp odor  then you might be dealing with the very beginning phases of a very specific build up on the scalp and hair. If your hair smells bad quite often then the buildup could be starting to get more advanced.  Regarding both men and women that can’t seem to get rid of the stinky smell on their hair or scalp or even behind their ears, here is some insight. Almost always what I have found is that the sebum in the scalp mixes with hair many different hair products that we use. Over time these form a waxy type build up on the scalp that we may or may not be able to see. This waxy build up can harbor the fungus that we already have on our scalp. All 3, when mixed together seem to put off an odor.

Don’t let this scare you because you can deal with this problem rather swiftly depending on how advanced your problem is. If you are seeing white gunk or stuff on the hair and scalp then it is probably pretty advanced.  Here is what You Can Do.

What Hair Products or Remedies Can I Use For Quick Results?

Short Term using Zincplex Shampoo to detox and deep cleanse the hair, scalp and hair root is vital. Herbs and Zinc Pca are the only blend that seem to melt away the waxy build up, open the hair follicles and also eliminate the fungal overgrowth. All 3 of these have to happen for the Smells to stay away. If you do not handle all of these then the term Smelly Hair Syndrome will be referred to as it will most likely keep coming back. Deep Cleanse and Detox – this includes the hair root. Getting deep down inside the hair follicle where fungus and bacteria can grow is very important to get your follicles a fresh start.

How Long Does It take Get Rid of the Odor

Products like Zincplex will detoxify the hair root, remove the waxy build up and then reset the ph to help fight future issues. Zinc pca found in the ingredients will also reduce sebum production to prevent future odor issues as well.  You will notie results right away after just shampooing a few times. However for lasting results it needs to be used at least 3 times per week for 30 days.

Can Hair Coloring Or Perming Cause These Bad Smells

The answer is a definite yes but perms have a very distinct stinky smell to them that most of us recognize and if you are reading this then probably know that some type of hair treatment was not the cause. If it is however, the aroma should dissipate in a just a few days at maximum. Fungus can smell like mold, mildew, musty, sour and some have even described it smelling like vomit. It is most likely the blend of scalp oils and fungi that are causing the stinky odor from the scalp and hair.

This is a problem for most people at some point. A simple start over is the answer to remove years of buildup issues. But understand that not even the best clarifying shampoos will work on this. This is not about stripping something away. This is about restoring the proper balance and also removing buildup INSIDE THE HAIR FOLLICLE.

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