A Beginners guide to Streetwear style – Tips and Tricks

The world of streetwear has its origins in rugged skater culture, evolving over time to become an honest and genuine way of expressing yourself, through various combinations of clothing. Streetwear may seem daring or complex from the beginning, but as you continue creating hit outfits one after another, you’ll see it’s really not that hard. If you’re ready to welcome the world of streetwear in your life – it is ready to welcome you. Here are the top tips and tricks to take into account when creating your own unique style, so you’ll look as good as possible, by the end of it.

1.      Invest in good sneakers

It has been said time and time again, but good sneakers are often the key to making your outfit shine. Take the Off-White Hyperdunk – it’s a perfect case study. They can be reasonably combined with everything, without losing that special touch they give to your overall look. The unique form and color choice goes well with dresses, jeans and everything in between. While it’s possible to use shoes other than sneakers, it’s not recommended as, the name implies, the focus is on clothing you could wear on the street, casually.

2.      Pick a hoodie – smartly

Hoodies are another wonderful gift of having streetwear go mainstream. The thousands of options available to you for fashionable looks are through the grace of none other than streetwear gurus pushing for it. So make sure you pick the one that truly speaks to you. For example, the Louis Vuitton hoodie is for outfits that want something more complex. Nearly all LV hoodies have that thinly veiled complexity built into them – so be aware of it, and use it to your advantage when creating outfits. Make sure your choice reflects your specific tastes, and not the one of the masses, as you will be the one designing your look, making everything look nicer by the end of it.

3.      Accessorize!

Don’t forget that having a solid outfit is not limited to just the clothes you wear. Go for something daring, something nice or something sleek – and accessorize appropriately! Whether it’s spikes, a hello-kitty pin or a Supreme Headband make your choice and stick to it, as it will take you far. Don’t forget about accessories, as they can often make your outfit stand out from all the rest. They’re the little tidbit of your own personality that can even alter the way the clothes portray you! Go for something universal, which you like, and which you would like to wear anywhere.

4.      Branding is important

In the world of streetwear, brand names are a huge way to gain traction, and the big name brands are always on everybody’s mind. Does that mean that you shouldn’t dress how you want? Of course not! Just be aware that, even from its onset, brand loyalty has been a cornerstone of skater culture: think of the likes of Thrasher. So, how can you best follow this principle? For starters, go for clothes that are part of the same line. Say, if you’ve got a Supreme hoodie you really love – go for other Supreme products, such as sweatpants and accessories. The common theme will make your outfit pop.

5.      Stylize freely

One of the common concerns for beginners in streetwear is the monetary aspect. Of course, keeping up with the latest fashion trends can’t be cheap, especially when it comes to large brand names. The way around it, is by getting replicas of the pieces you want! It’s possible to get a Supreme hoodie for cheap from sites like Blvcks, so you can create your outfit without feeling limited by anything! Dress how you want, with identically styled pieces of hit clothing that has been proven to be popular!

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