Timex iConnent Premium Active Smart Watches: A Practical Accessory for All Watch Aficionados

After the spectacular success of its iConnect smartwatches, Timex has taken smartwatch manufacturing to the next level with the launch of the Timex iConnect Premium Active smartwatch. One of the best sports watches for men, the watch is affordable, stylish, and comes loaded with a multitude of useful features. Adding further appeal to the watch are the stylish straps. Depending on their preferences, the buyer gets to choose from two straps – a stainless steel mesh strap or a silicone band. The battery life, which lasts a whopping five days, ensures that your exercise or activities are never disrupted.


The Timex iConnect Premium Active smartwatch is truly a gem and will surely make heads turn wherever you wear it, but what makes the watch stand out is the multitude of features. From exercise freaks to those looking for health or entertainment apps, the Timex iConnect premium active will make life much more convenient for you. The wearer can receive notifications for calls and texts and can also access the calendar events with ease. Some useful health-related features like sedentary reminders, activity and sleep tracking and heart rate sensors enable the wearer to be aware of their health conditions and to take steps to improve it. The music playback support is beneficial for those who like to listen to music while travelling on the metro or jogging in the park.

The Timex iConnect Premium Active smartwatch has a touchscreen display, which is big enough to make it easy for you to access your apps and read the notifications. Adding grace to the watch is the elegant 36mm dial which is shaped in a rectangular form and has rounded corners. If your iConnect premium active comes in contact with water, there is no need to worry as it is 1.5m water resistant making it sturdy enough to withstand water spills. But it is advised to be careful because excessive contact with water can damage the watch. The watch is easy to use and you need not be tech-savvy to operate it. With the help of iConnect by Timex 2 mobile app, you can easily and efficiently pair your Timex smartwatch with your smartphone.

Like with most Timex models, the Timex iConnect Premium Active smartwatch is very affordable and would definitely appeal to those looking for a functional and stylish watch without having to spend too much on it. You can buy the silicon strap iConnect model for Rs 6,995, while the model with the stainless steel mesh strap is reasonably priced at Rs 7,295. You can purchase Timex smartwatches from a physical store or order them online on the company’s website or other e-commerce platforms. So if you are a watch aficionado and want to buy a Timex smartwatch that is sturdy, practical, and elegant, then go for the Timex iConnect Premium Active smartwatch.

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