Fall Traditions To Do With Your Kids

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Traditions and rituals are at the core of all major family gatherings. By bringing all our loved ones together, traditions are the liaisons which help us bond and keep our values, identity, and history alive.

In our chaotic and unpredictable world, rituals like gathering for Christmas Eve, painting red eggs for Easter, or cooking Thanksgiving dinner, contribute to our sense of belonging and give us something to look forward to. From the smallest children to grown ups, almost everyone loves the shared family rituals which are usually filled with good times, tasty foods, and laughter.

An important part of these gatherings will always be related to dressing up. In fact, choosing the right outfits for family gatherings can become a tradition in itself.

Women will usually head out shopping for the perfect dress, while men, even the most laid back of them, will still try to dress up a bit for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner.

If you’re looking for some outfit ideas for these outings, you can take a look at some classic children’s clothing. Perfect for any occasion!

And since autumn is such a fun time of the year, and perfect for incorporating some new family rituals, here are 7 fall traditions that your kids will surely love:

Pumpkin Carving

Who doesn’t like pumpkins?

We all love to see them decorated, eat them and why not, we even love to carve them ourselves. In fact, pumpkins are one of the first things that come to our minds when thinking about Halloween.

Picking and carving pumpkins is amongst the most magical autumn traditions that all kids love. It’s also a great activity for children to show their crafting skills, while also stimulating their imagination.

And since carving pumpkins will also get their hands and the entire kitchen dirty, this activity will definitely be added to your kids’ top of the list for things to do each fall.

Trick- Or-Treating

Children in costumes, walking from house to house and asking for sweets… oh what a joy!

Although each family has its own different tradition on this particular day, the majority of those who have kids will try to incorporate trick-or-treating one way or another into their family rituals.

Some just like to welcome guests at their home while others prefer to take their kids around from door to door, in the neighborhood.

When dressing up your kids to go trick-or-treating just make sure you provide them with a cute little purse to store all the candies and sweets they receive.

Apple Picking

Picking apples from the trees is a great and fun activity for people of all ages, and is one of many families’ favourite fall traditions.

Heading to an orchard to pick ripe apples will also teach children about the importance of procuring food for themselves.

And since autumn is approaching with fast steps, why not start searching for local orchards which allow you to pick apples. If you haven’t tried it yet, you could turn this activity with your family into a fun and memorable occasion, you can all repeat each autumn.

Cooking Turkey For Thanksgiving

Involving your little helpers in cooking Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect way to create a family tradition which is both fun and educational.

Kids love to be given real responsibility especially when it comes to important family events or holidays. At all ages, even since they are just a few years old, children are more than capable of cooking together with us.

That’s why you should not miss this holidays’ amazing opportunity to encourage your young ones to learn some new cooking skills, which in turn can also become a yearly family tradition.

Create Decorations For Halloween

Making Halloween decorations is such a fun activity for children of all ages, including older ones we call grown ups 🙂

From handmade decorations or creative costume picking, to pumpkin carvings, getting ready for Halloween can be seriously fun and creative, and is something all your little ones will be looking forward to the entire year.

Start A Family Blessings Journal

It’s never too early to teach your children about gratitude. Feeling grateful for what they have and for their loved ones, is an essential life lesson to incorporate into their spiritual development.

And what better occasion to teach children about how to live a grateful life than by starting a gratitude journal on Thanksgiving day.

Each year, on this special day, make it a tradition that all the family adds the blessings they are grateful for over the last twelve months.

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