Why You Need a Clothing Subscription

Want to spruce up your look without breaking the bank? Or more importantly, without having to leave the comfort of your own home? Why not try out a clothing subscription? Say goodbye to the fear of wearing the same outfit and hello to the girl who never wears the same thing twice! As if that wasn’t enough to convince you, here are the top 4 reasons you need a clothing rental subscription

  • Try new “you’s” every day of the week

Ever wanted to try a new trend, but afraid that it will not be “you.” Well with a clothing subscription you don’t have to have the fear. You can try out new versions of yourself daily. Most subscription companies allow you to swap out looks an unlimited amount of times. All you have to do is shop for your new look and accessories on the fashion platforms website, click send and it is on its way!  Monday you may be Boho chic Betty styling with brands like free people and love shack fancy, and Thursday you may give Elegant Elizabeth a try with brands like BCBG and BB Dakota. The looks and trends are endless!

  • Sustainability

Sustainability in fashion has become a huge movement and clothing subscriptions have become a part of the movement.  Fashion sustainability is the movement where brands become increasingly mindful in reducing their footprint, as clothing production can be harmful to our planet. The production of its self can produce chemicals and waste, not to mention the tons and tons of textile waste ends up in landfills each year (11.2 million last year. So not cute!).  Clothing subscription helps decrease the clothing industry’s footprint, as it combines the ideas of clothing swap and second hand. Look at you! Chic and environmentally friendly! 

  • Save money

Every fashionista knows to splurge on the staples, the problem is the trendy spending can be so fun! It is easy to get stuck between the wants and have to have. With a clothing subscription, you can have your cake and eat it too! For a low cost, you can try on all the trendy pieces you have ever wanted. You get to look cute every day and save some major cash while doing it. And lets us be honest, after you have already posted a picture on the gram how often do you want to wear the same piece again? 

  • Access to name brands 

Ever catch yourself swoon over the hottest brands in fashion just to find out they cost the same as your rent? Well, swoon away! With a clothing subscription, you have access to all top brands at a fraction of the cost! You can finally wear the Gucci jacket you have always wanted, or sport a Prada dress to your cousin’s wedding, without feeling the guilt for spending on one high brand piece. Being able to look like a million bucks with all the coolest brands is every girl’s dream! 

Clothing subscriptions are the newest and fashion-forward way to be an alternative shopper. It allows for accessibility and sustainability to the fashion industry. Whether you are looking to try a new look or an influencer on the go; a clothing subscription will help meet your needs and allow for you to be the best-dressed girl in every room! The best part is there is a clothing subscription box for everyone, as they range from ball gowns to everyday clothes, to even accessories and bags only. Once you find the right subscription to match your needs, you will not only be the chicest girl but the smartest too! 

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