Real beauty is a trait that is underrated in the current society. For the longest time, physical attraction is now a trademark for confidence. Who can blame society? As years pass by and turn to decades, beauty has become a complex reality that we are facing. We are all different, and as some have been blessed with natural beauty, others are forced to enhance their attractiveness to keep their confidence at bay and not feel intimidated. Though the phrase, “Beauty lies in the beholders eyes.” It is very accurate, and our society has focussed on how the broader community sees them. It may seem like a surprise but, studies show that at minimum, 97% of the population has had at least one moment of “I hate how I look,” based on one or multiple aspects of your body.

Your beauty is a source of confidence, and working on yourself is the best remedy for being a better you. This article will discuss some aspects people have indulged in and have helped improve their beauty and confidence.


In 1997, about 56% of women in America were dissatisfied with their overall appearance, and 89% wanted to lose weight. In this era of the 1990s, society was more fit as compared to today. There weren’t all these fast food joints that we have grown so dependent on for our daily meals; also, means of travel was not as advanced, meaning that most people did a lot of exercises to go about their duties. A fraction of people has discovered that keeping fit is a way of improving their beauty. They have invested money and time into this craft, and it is paying off.


The body is like a piece of canvas that can hold a lot of insecurities. From birth, people will grow with a form of insecurity exhibited on their bodies. To some, it may entirely crush their personalities. Looking at instances of women with significant insecurities on their bodies or who have had to get amputated due to various diseases like breast cancer have had their ego, confidence, and personalities crushed. But have chosen to pick themselves up and build on themselves—getting themselves the latest most comfortable teardrop breast implants to ensure that their bust line is perfect and with the proper curvature. This has, in turn, boosted their pride as a female species able to walk shoulders high as they now shine.


The skin is a direct reflection of what is on the inside. To many having perfect skin has always been a dream. Studies show that an average American woman will spend 15,000 USD on beauty products in her lifetime. But there has been discovered that there are way cheaper ways of having that skin that you consider perfect. It may be a surprise to you, but some of these tactics may not even cost you a dime. They include: get more sleep, eating healthy, drinking water, moisturize using natural products, be positive, exercise. Having these processes in place, you may not need artificial procedures such as Botox to enhance your skin.

We may not always look as perfect as we aspire to; humanity has always found a way to get you close to your goal. These tips may not be all, but they will surely go a long way.

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