Best Gifts to Get Your Mom on Mother’s Day

How do you properly thank the woman who has given you everything, including – but not limited to! – life itself? Moms come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. 

Some are biological; some are adopted; others may be mother figures as found in extended relatives or family friends. So when Mother’s Day rolls around, you want to be sure to get the mom in your life a gift that is as original and one of a kind as she is.

If your mom is running out of room on the refrigerator door for macaroni art and finger painting portraits, here are some suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts that will bring a smile to her face (without getting glitter all over her kitchen).

Book her a manicure and pedicure treatment

Your mother’s hands have held yours and dried countless years over the years, and she has done more than her fair share of running around after you. So treat mom’s hands and feet to a day of pampered bliss with a professional manicure and pedicure. If you want to make a day of it, book a joint treatment and join in on the action (talk about a win win!).

At-home spa day

Alternatively, you can purchase all the amenities of a boutique nail salon for Mom to use in the comfort of her own home. Find a wide range of nail polishes in her favorite colors and have a great heart to heart over coffee or wine while you paint her nails for her at the kitchen table.

Customized name plate necklace

Let everyone know that this mom is YOUR mom by giving her a  name plate necklace with your name or initials. Choose from a wide variety of colors and styles to create the ideal customized jewelry that your mom will be proud to show off to her friends. If you are feeling extra generous, you can even include your siblings’ names, too.

Specialty coffee to sip

Warm her heart and her body with a blend of specialty coffee beans selected to suit your mother’s particular palate. Coffee beans are available in a wide assortment of flavors and roasts, and you can even present it to her in a brand new mug that she can use to enjoy your present.

Edible bouquet arrangement

It is great to stop and smell the flowers, but what about being able to eat them, too? An edible bouquet arrangement full of your mom’s favorite treats is the perfect combination of aesthetic beauty and tasteful (and tasty!) function. 

Brunch date for two

Nothing says “mother’s day” like brunch! Take the mother figure in our life out in style by making reservations at a local brunch hot spot and treat her to an over easy morning of mimosas and laughter. Not feeling like dealing with the lines and other diners? Turn her kitchen into a gourmet restaurant and let your mom relax while you do the cooking, for a change.

Wrap her in a robe

Your mom has filled your life with warm, happy hugs, so give her a plush bathrobe that will wrap her in cozy warmth all day long. If you are feeling extra sneaky, slip a few secret treats into the robe pockets: lavender eye masks, candies, essential oils, or other small items selected for her personal enjoyment.

Book her a massage

Being a mom is hard, exhausting work, so book her a massage to ease her weary mother muscles. You can give her a certificate to a local massage parlor or have the masseuse come to her home and give her a treatment right in her own living room. Just make sure dad doesn’t get too jealous!

Roll out the acupuncture mat

A newly popular relaxation tool for at home use is an acupuncture mat and pillow set. Dim the lights, fire up some candles and incense, and put on some super zen tunes for mom to relax to while releasing any pent up pressure and tension.

Give her a great read or two

Nothing beats a book! Check the bestseller list to find a new novel that mom will love or select a timeless classic. 

Get a copy for yourself to read together and discuss along the way. Look into book of the month club subscriptions that will send your mother a new book every few weeks, as well. You and mom can form your own little ongoing book club for two!

Every mom and mother figure is different, but across the board, these lovely ladies are sharers, carers, givers, listeners, huggers, and lovers. Being a mom is no easy task, and she will appreciate you acknowledging all of her hard work with a perfectly planned Mother’s Day gift. Just remember: one of the best gifts you can give Mom is time shared with her, so plan a present that brings the two of you even closer together and makes memories.

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