Best Long-Lasting Roses To Check Out In 2020

Flowers are a beautiful and elegant way of expressing your love and admiration for someone. Flowers express your feelings in a unique way with their radiant colors and beautiful fragrances. The problem with flowers is their limited life-span, but not anymore. Now you can get the most loved flower that will last longer. We are talking about long-lasting roses, also known as eternity roses. 

In this modern era, you shouldn’t be buying flowers that need to be thrown away in a week. The long-lasting roses are the solution to this. It’s not just a name; the long-lasting roses can last up to a full year without any maintenance. This article contains some basics you need to know before you buy your long-lasting roses. So, let’s get into it.

Common Types of Roses

Different types of roses have different qualities. Some have the best color, and some have better fragrance, while others are long-lasting. Let’s take a look at some of the most common and beautiful types of roses.

Hybrid Tea

The most common type of roses and also the most widely grown is the Hybrid Tea. If you have ever received any rose for valentine or any other occasion, there is a considerable chance it was a hybrid tea. These are large and fully bloom in the winters. With a radiant pink color and a unique fragrance, the Hybrid Tea are one of the best gift flowers around.

Miniature Roses

As their name suggests, these are the mini-sized roses. The small bloom and their compact size make them a tremendous indoor decorative plant. These plants are usually less than 2 feet tall, which makes them easy to maintain.

Old Garden Roses

These were introduced in 1867, and they consist of a group of roses that are quite vigorous. Some of these flowers only bloom once a year in spring. These come in unique forms and are very fragrant. The old-garden roses are also known as an heirloom or antique roses.

Ecuadorian Roses

The best roses in the world come from Ecuador, and they are called Ecuadorian Roses. The features that make them stand-out are

  • They are Long-Lasting, thanks to the ideal growing conditions of Ecuador.
  • They have the fullest rose heads in the world. Their heads are 2 inches larger than any other rose head. 
  • Wide range of vibrant colors. 

Keeping these things in mind, various companies use Ecuadorian roses and modify them further and turn them into long-lasting roses. The Ecuadorian roses last longer than the regular roses, and after further modifications, they are made to last up to a full year or two.

Best Long-Lasting Roses Brands

Now that you know the basics let’s have a look at the five best brands you can buy when shopping for long-lasting roses.

Venus ET Fleur

The home of the eternity roses, Venus et Fleur, is the OG of long-lasting roses. The roses are made using the finest of the Ecuadorian Roses. The long-lasting roses are available in various vibrant colors and lovely designs. If you want to buy the best long-lasting flowers for your loved ones or friends, Venus Et Fleur is the best option available.

The Only Roses

The Only Roses bring a more cinematic effect to the long-lasting roses. They are famous for their replica of the rose used in The Beauty and The Beast. They also sell various other pieces inspired by the movies. The highlight perhaps is the everlasting rose teddy bear.

Eos Blooms

A 100% natural brand that applies the least procedures on their long-lasting roses. Available in various options ranging from a single rose to a centerpiece for your table. The Eos Blooms are sure to enhance the room décor and express your feelings in the right manner.

La Fleur

Looking for the most radiant and colorful eternity roses, La Fleur is your destination. They provide the most uniquely colored long-lasting roses, from the most vibrant shades of blue to the esthetical looking pink, you can choose any color.

Fleurs DE Paris

Fleurs De Paris stands for charm, elegance, and luxury. They provide the most elegant quality eternity roses with luxurious packaging. They also offer up to 6 different collections for consumers. The different thing about them is their candle collection, which also makes a great gift idea.


The long-lasting roses are available in a wide range of unique, vibrant, and beautiful colors. All thanks to Ecuador, where over 500 different varieties are grown in almost every color imaginable. But some of the most bought colors are red, pink, pearl white, white, lavender, champagne, baby blue, black, burgundy, mint green, aqua, blush, silver, green, lilac, gold, and plum. Most of these colors are naturally available, while others are artificially created by the long-lasting roses’ manufacturers.


Sending flowers to your loved ones and family is a great way to tell them how much they mean to you, which sometimes words cannot do. To sum it all up, long-lasting roses are a beautiful gift idea and suitable for almost every occasion. So, put aside the thought of buying a flower bouquet that won’t last a week and get a box of long-lasting roses for your loved one’s today.


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