Wedding 101: Check These 7 Tips For Selecting Wedding Bands!

You are ready for your big day, and it’s time to shop for wedding bands. Most couples these days prefer to shop for rings together, and it makes sense, because the inputs of both partners do matter. Before you check for stores that sell wedding bands in Singapore, we suggest that you check the 7 tips listed below!

  • Fix a budget. How much can you really afford to spend on the rings or bands? Have a clear idea of the final budget before you step in a store. There is something for every couple, so you will have no dearth of options.
  • Find a means to personalize. Ideally, wedding bands should have some relevance to the couple, and the good news is many stores will actually customize the design as per your requests.
  • Engravings are in vogue. If you are a fan of simple bands, at least think of engravings. This could refer to a word, your name initials, or even a simple massage – the choice is absolutely yours.
  • Keep maintenance in consideration. Being a little extravagant for your wedding is fine, but don’t end up buying rings that are too elaborate for daily wear. Wedding bands need to be low in maintenance at the least.

  • Diamonds are not for the bride alone. Grooms can also wear wedding bands that have diamonds, and that doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Check for sets that have diamonds in simple settings.
  • Keep the metal trends in mind. While white gold, platinum and rose gold are popular choices for wedding bands, yellow gold is making a comeback. Many designers also have dual-toned bands for that extra effect.
  • Try stacks. If you are the bride, you can go for stacked wedding bands that are quite in vogue at the moment. Stacked rings in sets are great in terms of style, and you can choose to wear one on a regular basis, saving the rest for those big days.

Let’s agree that wedding bands are expensive, and you would want to be sure that you are getting the best value for your money. Always buy jewelry and bands from a store you can trust, and make sure that they have at least some sort of returns or exchange policy. All the details of the purchase should be mentioned in detail, and if you are buying diamond wedding bands, insist on certification.

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