Galoshes: Not Real Sexy but Important, Nonetheless

It is a pretty safe bet you are not going to see supermodels strutting runways this year wearing galoshes. Let’s face it, footwear designed to protect dress shoes against the weather aren’t all that sexy. Nonetheless, they are a critical piece of kit to professionals who value clean, dry shoes.

GC Tech is a Salt Lake City company that makes and sells high-tech waterproof shoe covers you might otherwise refer to as galoshes. Actually, the term ‘galoshes’ is a rather archaic term not heard so often anymore. GC Tech prefers to market their products as overshoes or waterproof shoe covers for men.

Regardless of the name, shoe covers are extremely functional. The key is finding a pair that will fit over your regular shoes well enough to offer adequate protection without being difficult to walk in. And of course, there are lots of different styles and materials to choose from.

  Old-School Galoshes

Galoshes just aren’t considered hot fashion items. They are not glamorous. Perhaps they get a bad rap due to preconceived notions of what they are. Those of us in middle age think of big, bulky boots when someone mentions galoshes. They were the boots we wore as kids. In fact, some kids still wear them today. Overshoes are a different thing altogether.

A pair of overshoes fits snugly over just about any pair of shoes. They are mainly used by business professionals wearing dress shoes, but you can also wear them to protect your sneakers, deck shoes, or whatever. About the only exception to the rule are work boots. Shoe covers just aren’t big enough to go over them.

Needless to say, modern waterproof shoes covers are noticeably different compared to old school galoshes. They are more formfitting. They are more comfortable to wear. They even look better. If we had them when we middle-aged people were kids, we might have been more than happy to wear them at mom’s request.

 Functional and Stylish

Most of us would not consider shoe covers the most attractive items in the closet. And yet, they can be stylish. Shoe covers do not have to be ugly to be functional. Perhaps that’s why companies like GC Tech put so much time and effort into making their products as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

Designers are more likely these days to use less rubber and more fabric. A waterproof fabric results in a shoe cover that fits better. You get rid of the bulk in favor of a fabric that moves and flexes with your foot. Waterproofing is made possible with a laminate coating that keeps water out but still allows the foot to breathe.

Some of the most stylish shoe covers look so good that it is hard to tell someone is wearing them with just a casual glance. They look almost like dress shoes. Some shoe covers slip on like a pair of older rubbers. Others are more like small boots, extending above the ankle and staying in place with a zipper.

 Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Despite the fact that waterproof shoe covers will not be making trips down fashion runways this year, you really need a pair. Don’t leave home without them on inclement weather days. Otherwise, you may arrive at your destination with wet, dirty feet. And that’s no way to maintain a professional appearance.

Whether you call them galoshes, shoe covers or overshoes, they are certainly not the sexiest items in your closet. Shoe covers are important, nonetheless. So you might just as well embrace that fact and invest in a pair. You will be happy you did.

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