5 Reasons to Breastfeed your Baby

If you are in any doubt that breastfeeding your baby gives them the very best start in life, you are most certainly in the minority, and with organisations like UNICEF actively encouraging women around the world to feed their babies naturally, the message is clear. There are enzymes in mother’s milk that are not present in powdered milk, and here are just a few reasons why breastfeeding should be the only option for the new mum.

  1. Go with the Science – Literally thousands of studies have been carried out, looking at the differences between babies reared naturally and those who were given powdered milk, and there is strong evidence that mother’s milk contains enzymes and other things that boost a baby’s brain and immune system. Doctors everywhere will happily confirm that a baby can’t have a better start in life than natural breastfeeding, as mother’s milk is designed by nature to provide everything the new life needs.

  1. Convenient – If you order a few stylish nursing covers from Bebitza, breastfeeding will be a joy, even when you are out and about, and if you had any reservations about breastfeeding in public, check out the amazing nursing covers that conceal everything. Why carry around an inferior milk in a sterilised container when you have the very best milk in your breasts? It makes no sense, and any new mum who worries about feeding in public places should take a look at the latest generation of nursing covers. The supplier also stocks other essentials like baby wraps and anti-bacterial mittens, all at very affordable prices, and buying online is very easy.

  1. Save Money – The amount you would save by breastfeeding you baby for the first 10 months of their life would be considerable, and with so many other essential items you need, you certainly don’t want to add milk to your shopping list. The fact that breast milk is free isn’t the big plus; that lies in the health benefits for baby, but when you factor in the costs of buying powdered milk, it is even more of a reason to go natural.

  1. Boosting a Baby’s IQ – Research definitely point to babies that are naturally fed have higher IQs than those who drink bottled milk, and you do want to give your infant the best start in life. Simply search online for nursing covers and the supplier would have everything else you need to ensure comfortable feeding at any time.

  1. The Importance of the Immune System – A baby’s immune system can take time to activate, and mother’s milk contains enzymes that kickstart the immune system, making your baby stronger to fight off infection. The first 2 years of a baby’s life are critical with regard to germs and infections, and breastfeeding will ensure that your child’s immune system is wuickly up and running.

Raising a child is a truly unique experience, and as mother, you owe it to your child to give them the very best start in life by breastfeeding. This will ensure that your baby develops into a strong child who had a great start with mum’s natural milk.


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