5 Ways that You Can Get Your Team Ready for a Big Game

Nothing is more nerve wracking than having a big game looming, no matter what sport you play in and at what level. That’s why being prepared is key and getting ready for a big game is about more than simply working on your fitness and skills. Here are some tips to get your sports team ready for a big game.

  1. Get together to discuss strategy

Some teams don’t discuss their strategy and are simply told what to do by the coach, but this means players don’t get their voices heard and some good ideas may slip through the net. Before the big game, sit down as a team and talk about strategies such as:

  • Your starting line up
  • Plays
  • Substitutions
  • How the other team play

This will ensure that you are all on the same page when you hit the pitch or court, and means you pool your knowledge to get the best possible result.

  1. Sort out the practical stuff

Don’t leave the practical stuff until the last minute. Otherwise, you’ll be rushing around arranging transport and minor things, rather than putting all your focus on the game. Make sure your team all has the correct uniform, ordering any items you need from AirX Teamwear, and that they have equipment such as the correct shoes, bats, balls etc.

If your team is made up of minors, make sure you have permission slips signed and have communicated what time people need to be at the site. This will avoid people turning up late and flustered, which can mean they miss important things like the warm-up.

  1. Try visualisation exercises

Visualisation is often recommended by sports psychologists to encourage people during big games. It means you imagine not only your team winning, but how they will win. The more you do it, the more effective this method can be at getting you into the right headspace.

  1. Prepare well in advance

Like with exam revision, you can’t cram loads of last-minute workouts into the days leading up to a big game and expect to be fit. Most games require a lot of stamina, so you need to build this gradually over time.

When you get your fixtures for the season, sit down and work out a training plan for the team, so they can gradually get fitter and improve their skills. Try to avoid any high impact training in the days leading up to a big game, as it can wear people out and also risks injuries at an important time.

  1. Don’t put too much pressure on the team

Yes, the game is important, but if you yell or belittle people, or otherwise make them feel under pressure, then you risk making them feel stressed or having them freeze up once the game begins. Make sure people know that while the game is a big event, you also want them to enjoy it, and if you do lose, then you can try again next season.

Preparing for a big game can be stressful and leave you feeling nervous, so follow some of the above tips and you have a better chance of performing well on the day.

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